How Your Socks Reveal Your Personality


It’s the 21st century, but socks still haven’t changed all that much since they were first introduced thousands of years ago in ancient Egypt. But, there are exceptions to every rule, and subscription sock services are one of those exceptions! Like many other recent innovations, socks have embraced the subscription model and can now be delivered to your doorstep monthly or quarterly instead of just when you’re running low on clean socks. Here’s how your socks reveal your personality based on which sock service you subscribe to.


Each pair is unique

What do your socks say about you? They're a quick and easy way to tell what kind of person you are, whether it be by how they match an outfit or how colorful they are. Some people like to wear socks that match the color of their pants and others just like to throw whatever socks in the drawer on. Mens purple ankle socks are perfect for those who want something more formal and dressy while mens colorful socks can be worn casually with shorts and a T-shirt. Wearing fun men's ankle socks is a great way to add some life into an outfit and some crazy color dress socks can make any outfit pop. There's no wrong answer when it comes to picking out your favorite pair of socks!


Where we wear them says something

Wearing socks around the house, to work, or to a concert tells people a lot about you. If you're wearing bright, colorful socks with your business suit to an important meeting, it's safe to say that you're not afraid to express yourself. You're confident and know who you are. Likewise if you wear mismatched socks with your jeans and t-shirt on a Saturday night out with friends, it might be time for some self-reflection. The best sock subscription can help you express yourself and give others insight into what makes you tick – just in time for gift giving season!


Do you match your socks to your outfit?

It's common for men to wear socks that match their outfit, whether it's dressy or casual. Some people even go so far as to have a specific sock designated for the type of event they're attending. It's important to have the right color and style of socks because they can be an accessory in your outfit.
If you tend to wear dress shoes, then you may want to stick with dress socks like black ankle socks or white crew socks. If you prefer sneakers, then you could rock colorful ankle socks with your kicks or even a funky novelty pair on a weekend stroll.


Non-matching socks are cool too!

mens colourful socks are a fun way to express your personality. They say a lot about you! Are you the adventurous type? Do you wear cool socks for men and love to show off your ankle? Or, do you wear mens ankle socks and try to stay in touch with your feminine side? mens colourful socks can be found in all sorts of styles, from cool socks for men to awesome sock clubs. You can find them in vibrant colors or edgy patterns, making them perfect for any look.