How to Choose the Best Socks

How to Choose the Best Socks

How many times have you seen someone wearing no show socks and thought to yourself, I really wish I could wear those socks too!? Whether you’re looking to switch up your look or just want to try something new, No Show Socks can be a great accessory that everyone can enjoy. But with so many options on the market, it can be difficult to choose which brand and style of sock is best for you. This guide will give you the Do’s and Don’ts of no show socks, allowing you to make the best decision in your next sock purchase!

Do buy wool socks

Wool socks are more durable than other fabrics, which means you don’t have to replace them as often. If you wear socks daily, consider buying a few pairs of wool socks that you can use with your formal shoes and a few pairs that you can use with your casual sneakers or boots. When choosing wool socks, opt for ones made from merino wool or organic cotton; they are hypoallergenic and eco-friendly. Wool blends are also acceptable options. Avoid choosing synthetic socks that may be cheaper but will deteriorate faster than their natural counterparts.

Do wear no show socks with no-show shoes

Philosockphy states that if your socks don’t show, you shouldn’t wear them. While we can agree that there are more important priorities in life than socks, you should make sure you’re taking care of what is on your feet. It's important to wear quality clothing and accessories because they have a direct correlation with how professional people perceive us as individuals. Make sure your attire is clean and up-to-date, so your presentation reflects positively on who you are as a person. If someone comes across a pair of no-show socks or shoes, they'll think poorly of you or deem it unprofessional — so use proper judgment when choosing your footwear and garments!

Don’t put your socks in the dryer

Over time, using a hot dryer can break down your socks and cause them to lose their elasticity. If you prefer, use your blow dryer on low heat and let your socks air dry. You could also hang them up with a clothespin, or lay them flat somewhere in your house that is warm and breezy. In either case, they should be dry by morning.

Don’t tuck them into your pants

This might seem like a good idea—after all, it’s difficult to tell when you’re wearing no-show socks if they are tucked into your pants. But there are actually two reasons why you shouldn’t do it. First, tucking in your socks can cause bunching around your ankles and tightness around your calves, which is extremely uncomfortable and can even lead to chafing or blisters. Instead of tucking them in, leave them over your shoes and let them rest at ankle level. Secondly, some no-show socks actually have liners that will stick out from under a pair of pants anyway; if that’s true for you then you should be fine leaving them untucked.

Don’t try to save money on cheap socks

Our mission at Philosockphy is to make high-quality socks that are guaranteed for life. The bottom line is you get what you pay for. No show socks made of inexpensive materials will never hold up as well as more expensive pairs; they’ll pill, shed and fade in a short period of time, leaving you with a damaged brand image. If your no show socks are falling apart after a few months or even weeks, it only makes sense that people will think your business isn’t worth their investment either—and they'll move on before you have a chance to prove them wrong.

What makes a great pair of no show socks?

Philosockphy. The deciding factor when choosing a great pair of no show socks is personal preference. No matter your sock budget, as long as you have a couple of styles on hand, you’ll be covered for any social gathering! Keep your basic color palette in mind and don’t get hung up on a certain style. Instead, find some comfortable fabrics that you think will look good with different colors, patterns, or even textures. That way you’ll always be prepared for any event! There are many options out there so just pick something that works for you. If one sock doesn't fit then another will!

5 tips on how to pick out great sock brands.

You’re probably already aware that socks are one of those products you should buy in bulk. In fact, it's not a bad idea to have multiple pairs of each type of sock in your closet at all times—because they wear out faster than almost any other clothing item. But beyond basic quality considerations, there are some important features you should look for when selecting a new pair of socks (or an entire sock wardrobe). Here are five tips on how to pick out great sock brands.