How to Choose the Best Sock of the Month Club

How to Choose the Best sock of the month Club

If you love to wear socks, but you can never find the right ones, then a sock of the month club might be just what you need. These clubs will help you get awesome socks every month without even having to go shopping! And the best part? You’ll probably have more fun picking out your monthly socks than actually wearing them! Here’s how to choose the best sock of the month club.

The history and types of sock subscriptions

The first sock-of-the-month club was started in 1986 by a Pennsylvania entrepreneur named Neil Blumenthal, who hoped to make running socks more accessible and popular. In his first year, he sold three pairs; by 2016, his business had grown enough that one million pairs were sold across 150 different subscriptions. With so many people subscribing to sock clubs these days, it’s important to know how they work—and what types are out there!

Types of sock subscription clubs

There are many different types of sock subscription clubs. The most common are socks subscriptions geared towards women, men, youth and dogs. cool socks companies provide socks that suit a wide variety of lifestyles. Some focus on travel or hiking; others specialize in more traditional styles that can be worn with formal outfits as well as gym clothes. There are also sock subscription clubs aimed at particular groups, like diabetic foot-care socks or athletic footwear designed for people with a sensitivity to wool. As you look through all your options, remember that if you're trying to find cool socks for kids or a gift box containing holiday goodies like ugly sweaters and Christmas jumpers, you'll need to check individual websites because these aren't offered by most providers out there.

The different types of socks you can get

Most sock-of-the-month clubs offer multiple types of socks. Here are some common options: Keepsake socks, vintage socks, and novelty socks. The socks you’ll actually want: Of course, everyone’s preference is different. Some people are all about novelty socks while others would prefer a keepsake pair or vintage pair. However, if you’re buying a sock-of-the-month club as a gift for someone else (or yourself), it may be best to select based on price or quality rather than personal preference! Yes, your recipient might like a certain style but not if that particular brand is expensive or low quality compared to other brands in their eyes.

The best socks subscription services based on category, quality, cost

There are a lot of sock subscription services, so choosing one can be difficult. Do you want socks for lounging around your house? For taking walks? Some people need knee-high athletic socks; others only want fun and colorful pairs. If you’re shopping for someone who’s had ankle surgery or just has sensitive feet, you might also consider brands with cotton or wool fibers. And cost is obviously important—most subscriptions cost $10–$20 per month, though there are pricier services that provide better quality materials. How do you know what's worth paying for? These questions will help you choose a sock subscription service that suits your needs and tastes best: What is your budget?

Final words

There are two great sock-of-the-month clubs that I like: Bombas and Sock It To Me. Personally, I think Bombas is a little bit better than Sock It To Me, but they’re both great in their own ways. If you want some crazy wild socks, go with Bombas. If you just want fun designs, then go with Sock It To Me. You can’t really go wrong either way! I hope my review was helpful for your next sock purchase! This is Seth again, signing off! Cheers!