How to be a HERO with Philosockphy SOCKS from our sock of the month club!


How can you be a HERO? By having the luxury and comfort of wearing Philosockphy SOCKS from our sock of the month club! Our monthly sock subscription service delivers five awesome pairs of designer socks right to your door every single month. You’ll get new, hip styles that you’ll love, without having to go shopping or brave the crowds at the mall in search of great new socks to add to your collection! And don’t forget about our sock giveaways.


The benefits of being a hero

You know how hard it is to find some cool socks? Well, you can finally find some that make you look awesome without breaking your bank. Join the ranks of all those heroes who wear Philosophy socks and get 5 pair of socks delivered right to your door every month. There are so many cool styles and colors that we have something for everyone. We don't just offer awesome mens ankle socks either, we have fun dress socks, crazy color dress socks, and cool crew socks as well. Our catalogue includes everything from retro hues like reds, oranges, purples, pinks and blues to earth tones like greens and browns so there's something for everyone. Plus, we have fancy dress socks which will work well for formal events too!


What are we wearing on our feet?

Wearing cool socks for mens Purple ankle socks is one way to show your individuality. The whole family can enjoy the benefits of these fun socks for men when they are looking for something different than what everyone else is wearing. And, you can make someones day by giving them a pair as a gift. If you are not sure if you want to commit then sign up for the sock of the month club and get 2 pairs per month sent your way or every 3 months or every 6 months. You will always have fresh, new feet.


Buy socks, give socks

Philosockphy is your go-to company for all things socks. We have an ever-growing catalogue of colorful socks and crew socks that are perfect for gifting or just spoiling yourself. With new shipments arriving monthly, we're sure you'll never run out of options again. And if you're not sure which pair is right for you, we've made it easy: choose the number of pairs you want, pick your colors and have them delivered right to your door each month (or even every other month!). With such an awesome selection, you can't go wrong...and that's why we think Philosocksophy is pretty hero-worthy!


Join us and we’ll throw in something special!

We all have those moments when we need to look like heroes, but not really. Something small and easy that doesn't require much effort. What if we told you that you could look like a hero in just a matter of minutes? Introducing our new Heroes Wear Philosophy socks: colorful socks for men, gift socks and fun men's ankle socks. Join us today and we'll throw in something special!


Here’s what we’re up to this month...

It's time for another round of heroes wearing socks from Philosockphy. This month we have some best crew socks, awesome socks and colorful ankle socks in store. We have:
- Awesome all-over print crew socks in blue and red;
- Multi-coloured funky striped crew socks;
- Colourful patterned knee high woolen over the calf socks with buttons.