Get Your Socks On! Introducing Philosockphy's Sock of the Month

Get Your Socks On! Introducing Philosockphy's sock of the month

Who would have guessed that socks could be so cool? Introducing Philosockphy’s sock of the month, a subscription service that pairs socks with philosophy. Sure, it may seem like an odd combination, but when you really stop to consider it, they go together perfectly. After all, who can’t use more wisdom in their daily lives?

Why We Started Our Subscription

We want to help you show off your strong side with high quality socks for men. We believe that socks are a great way to express your personality and we want to do our part in sharing them with you. Along with some awesome ankle socks, we have also introduced colorful dress socks, funky crew socks and crazy color dress socks for those who want their style to be more wild than tame.

We created Philosockphy because we wanted a sock subscription club with the best quality sock of the month for men, at an affordable price point.

Why socks?

We all have a favorite pair. Some people are lucky enough to have many favorites. But what if you're not? What if you love one type of socks and they don't seem to exist? Where do you turn then?

One way is to sign up for a sock subscription service. One such service is Philosockphy, which delivers monthly packages filled with different types of socks based on your individual preferences. I spoke with Phil, who runs the company, about why he decided to start this business and his plans for future growth.

I always loved different kinds of socks, Phil said as he explained that he would often buy several pairs at once when going shopping.

How we created our signature designs

Philosockphy is a sock subscription for men who want to stand out in style. Our socks are designed with high quality materials and come in both classic and trend-setting styles. We started with a list of our favorite sock designs, researched what was popular, then created prototypes from our favorites. Once we had finalized our design, we ran a soft launch on Facebook to get feedback on our products before officially launching. We offer 3 different subscriptions: an ankle sock club that delivers 1 pair of colorful ankle socks every month; a dress sock club that delivers 1 pair of fun dress socks every month; and a crew sock club that delivers 2 pairs of awesome crew socks every month.

Sneak Peek at Our First Collection

We love socks and we think you will, too. That's why we created Philosockphy - a sock-of-the-month club that lets you try new designs, have fun with your style, and get a new pair every month. Our first collection features rich purple socks in an ankle or crew length. They're soft, they're stretchy and they make you feel like you could take on the world.

Why you need this subscription service in your life