Get a Grip on Your Sock Situation with a Sock Subscription

Consider this scenario: You’re at work, and your boss springs the news on you that you have to meet with some of your company’s biggest clients later that day. You rush home, change into something more appropriate, and race back to the office just in time to meet them before they go out to lunch. After the meeting, you excitedly head home, but you don’t get far before realizing your favorite pair of socks just isn’t going to cut it with your new corporate look. So what do you do?

When socks get in your way

Everybody knows that socks are the bane of existence. They get in your way at work, they get in your way when you're running, and they just get in the way all around. But why does this necessary evil have to be so annoying? The answer is Philosockphy. We designed our socks for people who refuse to give up their morning coffee or evening run just because of a little bad weather. When we say HEROES WEAR Philosockphy SOCKS from our">sock of the month club we mean it! Whether you're trying to build an empire or just make it through the day, these innovative socks will help you stay comfortable and focused through any challenge life throws at you. So take control over your sock situation and join our monthly sock subscription today!

When you have too many socks

You know what they say, You can never have too many socks. Well, I beg to differ. I have found myself in the unfortunate situation of owning too many socks. No one needs that much sock space! It's time for me to take control of my sock drawer and formalize my sock situation by signing up for Philosockphy's monthly sock subscription service. With this service, I will receive a pair of high-quality, fashionable men's or women's socks every month. That way, all my new socks will be neatly tucked away and out of sight.

Let’s Talk about Quality

Socks are one of the most important parts of your outfit. When you're at work, school, or even just hanging out with friends, your socks can make or break your look. But as important as they are, sock shopping can be so frustrating! With so many styles to choose from and so many different brands available, it's hard to know what to buy and how much to spend. That's why we have the perfect solution for you: Philosockphy Socks! Our monthly sock subscription is designed to provide you with an assortment of stylish socks that fit any occasion. Plus, our team of designers will always be there to help guide you through our selection process. You'll never find yourself stuck in a sea of mismatched socks again!

Benefits of getting a subscription

Socks are one of those things that we take for granted until they go missing. Imagine walking into your office in the morning and realizing you forgot to put them in the hamper last night. Suddenly, your day is going to be terrible because you have to wear shoes and nothing else. But, there's an easier way! You could get our sock subscription. We send you fresh, new socks every month so you never have to worry about forgetting again! Plus, it's easy - just turn over your old pair and receive a new pair every month! And if you're worried about not having enough socks when we go out of stock, don't worry! We'll send an email notification as soon as new inventory arrives.

How long does it take?

You can get started by going to our website at and we will deliver your first pair of socks in the mail. Shipping is free if you sign up for an annual membership and you have the option to buy socks monthly, quarterly, or annually. You can also subscribe as an individual or as part of a group such as friends, coworkers, or family members! Join now to get 10% off your first order and three pairs of socks for free!

Where does my credit card go?

1) Choose your monthly">sock of the month club.

2) Select the type of subscription you want to purchase: monthly, quarterly, or yearly. 3) Add your credit card details and email address. 4) Click submit. 5) You'll be redirected to a page that includes all of your order details, including shipping and billing addresses. 6) Once you've confirmed that all of your information is correct, click complete order. 7) If you haven't yet signed up for an account, enter your email address and password for the account where you would like us to send an invoice.

How do I know what size to order?

An important aspect of buying socks is understanding what size you need to order. There are a few different ways to do this and they all depend on the type of sock you're ordering, the company's policy, and your foot size. The best way to know what size to order is by knowing your shoe size (or at least having an idea of your shoe size). Some companies base their sizing off of shoe sizes so if that's the case for the company you're purchasing from then it's easy as long as you know your shoe size. If not, then it's best to use another method.

What if I want more than 1 pair/month?

If you're thinking about signing up for our">sock of the month club, but you want more than one pair per month, we have options for that too. After all, there are plenty of times when you don't have time to do your laundry in between washes.

You can get two pairs at once each month by going into your account settings and selecting the 2-pair option instead of the 1-pair option. If this is something that sounds like it might work well for you, then go ahead and change the frequency to suit your needs! You can always change it back if you ever decide to make things simpler again.