Best Sock Subscription for Men, Women, and Teens

Best Sock Subscription for Men, Women, and Teens

When searching for the perfect gift, we all run into the problem of trying to find something unique and interesting that hasn’t already been done. When you can’t find anything like that in stores, but you still want to give something special, there’s only one thing left to do – give the gift of socks! With sock subscriptions, you don’t have to worry about picking out the right gift. Instead, you get something that can be appreciated by nearly everyone: awesome socks every month! So what makes this great gift idea even better? Personalized socks and sock subscription boxes!

Which socks are best for me?

The best socks depend on who you are and what you're doing. For example, someone working in an office is probably going to need plain socks with dress shoes. However, those same plain socks will be completely inappropriate when wearing sneakers to run errands. For those looking to choose their own sock subscription based on needs—and have a little fun doing it—we've compiled some questions that can help direct your choice

Questions to ask when shopping for the perfect sock subscription

Choosing a sock subscription can be difficult. What if you end up with socks that don’t fit? What if they come in colors you don’t like? We know how it feels to want to find just the right pair of socks. To help, we put together a list of questions that will get you started on your search for a sock subscription

How do I choose between cotton and wool socks?

If you’re wondering how to choose between cotton and wool socks, your answer will depend on a few different factors. Some of these factors may include preference—i.e., what type of sock feels best against your skin? What kind of activities do you typically participate in? Do you like ankle socks or over-the-calf socks? Do your feet get cold during certain seasons or weather conditions? Are you more likely to wear shoes with closed toes or open toes? These are all important considerations when choosing between cotton and wool; both materials have their pros and cons.

What brands should I be looking at?

What brand is right for you really depends on your personal preferences. Is there a pair of colorful socks that stands out to you? Take some time to browse a few different brands online and make a list of ones that catch your eye. After looking at your options, narrow down your list by choosing one or two companies that are offering unique products with fantastic customer service. All in all, it doesn't matter which sock subscription service you go with; as long as you have something fun to wear around town, it's all good!

Finding a great value sock subscription for myself or as a gift

Value-minded men’s sock subscriptions aren’t easy to find. This is why I was stoked to discover a subscription called The Sock Drawer. Filled with stylish pairs of both patterned and solid socks that come in a wide variety of colors, I can always find something new to try. Every month (or every three months), I receive two pairs of men’s or women’s socks in my size; one colorfully patterned pair and one simple pair. For about $10/month (not including shipping), you can give your feet an upgrade as well as gift yourself or others with an awesome present from The Sock Drawer's catalog!

Why gift subscriptions are perfect gifts

Gift subscriptions are perfect gifts because they give you options. If you’re like most people you want to find a gift that truly shines while remaining easy on your wallet. A gift subscription allows you to do just that; if it turns out to be a dud, return it! But even better than gifting a one-off purchase is gifting an ongoing experience. This way your friend or family member will be able to use their gift over and over again while also making sure they don’t run out of socks anytime soon—because who wants that? Gifting socks has never been easier: Nowadays it doesn’t take much digging to find different sock subscription clubs offering unique colorful sock styles from both reputable brands as well as indie designers.