8 Ways to Wear Socks You've Never Tried

8 Ways to Wear Socks You've Never Tried

How many socks do you own? I bet it’s more than you think, right? While you probably don’t need to hear this, let me be the first to tell you that socks aren’t just something to keep your feet warm—they’re an accessory! Wearing the same pair of socks every day and combining them with an outfit that has nothing to do with the socks will make you look like someone who doesn’t care about what they wear. On the other hand, wearing cool socks can totally change your outfit and make you look better than ever before!

1) Women's Sock Subscription Boxes

Take your sock game to new heights by starting a sock subscription. For example, there are services like Stance and Match Made (for women) that will send you fun and different styles of socks each month. Every month you’ll receive three or more pairs of designer socks for only $9-$19 per month. If you’re looking for a way to inject a little style into your everyday wardrobe, sock subscriptions are an easy way to do so—without breaking your budget! Try some out today!

2) Men's Monthly Sock Subscriptions

If you’re a man that wears socks, or if you love a man that wears socks, consider a sock subscription service. It’s kind of like other clothing subscriptions, but instead of pants or shirts, you get socks. Each month, get a new pair of cool socks delivered right to your door—no need to go shopping (or laundry). Men's Monthly is one example; they also have gift options as well as women's selections.

3) Buy One Get One Free Deal on cool socks

We tend to think of socks as a staple in our wardrobes, but they’re so much more than that. They can be downright stylish—if you buy them right. For instance, socks aren’t just for your feet; they can also liven up an outfit on cool days by making pants seem lighter and airier. And if you haven’t tried bright colors or patterns yet, now might be a good time to explore what happens when sock meets shoe.

4) Shop for Cheap New Men's socks at Walmart, Target or Amazon

Because socks are a fairly low-cost clothing item, buying them in bulk is easy. Go for sets of six or 12 so you can make sure you always have some fresh socks for every occasion. When you’re feeling adventurous, try something different by picking up a pair of funky printed socks—or sock of the month clubs—from brands like QT (10 pairs for $6). These shops also offer personalized services and don't forget that everyday basics from Gap, Old Navy and Hanes are cheap too. In fact, when it comes to socks, two pairs for less than $5 will do just fine.

5) Buy quality socks online

Buying socks online is a great way to get fresh, fashionable socks at a reasonable price. It’s also an easy way to discover new, stylish socks you never knew existed. With over 150 different sock designs in our sock of the month club and more added each month, you can explore your sock passions with little effort. Become a sock connoisseur with our monthly subscription club!

6) Women's cool socks under $20

One of my favorite sock subscriptions is actually one of my least expensive. Bombas socks are super soft, and their new FlexT technology is great for joggers or if you're just looking for something that's going to keep your toes comfy all day long. A pair will cost you $15 a month, but with free shipping and free returns, that price can go up or down depending on how many months you subscribe for. As a treat at some point during every subscription, Bombas also sends customers a free sock of the month with either extra-firm support (like if you're exercising) or softer fiber if you need something comfortable for work.

7) How to make all your socks match your outfit

Have a sock of the month club! Having new socks every month adds excitement and fun, and makes you more likely to wear them. Check out Stance's sock of the month club or go see your local big box store for a variety. There are even some cute ones for women who want a little whimsy with their socks. With just a little effort (or not at all) you can be sure that your toes will always look sharp!

8) Pair with boots, sneakers, sandals and more

Though socks get a bad rap, they’re actually an incredibly versatile and easy way to kick up your style. Of course, part of their versatility comes from pairing them with different outfits, but often overlooked is their role in a look. People don’t always realize that wearing socks can completely change up an outfit for one simple reason: It's hidden. Keeping things under wraps isn't just about aesthetics; it has practical value as well.