8 Ways to Wear Socks of the Month

8 Ways to Wear Socks of the Month

First of all, if you don’t know what Socks of the Month is, it’s a service that sends you one pair of socks in the mail each month that are usually chosen by someone else at their discretion.

1) Don’t wear it with shorts

Wearing socks with shorts is an easy way to make your look instantly more casual, but it also makes sense fashion-wise. If you’re wearing shorts in cold weather, it will keep your legs warm. But if you’re wearing shorts in warmer weather, there’s a good chance they’ll come off at some point. Instead of putting your socks back on right away, try leaving them off for a while or switching into flip flops. Your calves might look funny for a few minutes—but only if someone else sees them! Just wear dark socks (and dark shoes) when appropriate and you should be fine.

2) It’s best when worn with skirts or dresses

The shorter, more colorful socks in your box will make a great addition to your wardrobe. These can help add an extra pop of color when you wear them with skirts or dresses, but they also look fantastic when worn on their own as part of a smart casual ensemble. For example, pair them with dark denim jeans and loafers for a modern look that’s sure to garner compliments from passersby. We also love how some people choose to wear these high-quality socks casually—perhaps when running errands or enjoying time with friends and family. However you choose to wear your new multi-colored men’s socks, we hope you enjoy wearing them for years to come!

3) Tuck your shirt in

If you’re looking for a simple way to dress up a pair of slim-fit pants, try rolling up your dress shirt sleeves (or even buttoning them). This is especially useful if you work in an office where business casual attire is required. Don’t have any dress shirts with short sleeves? No problem! Just tuck your shirt into your slacks and don’t worry about it. If you’re self-conscious about flaunting those forearms, keep in mind that ladies love arms. So whether it be shapely guns or just some nice buffed out forearms, let them show!

4) Roll up your pants

If you don’t want to take your socks off but are also sick of people staring at your man-calf, there’s a simple solution: just roll up your pants. I’m not talking about ankle-length trousers here; go right up to mid or even upper-calf. You don’t have to overdo it either—three or four inches should be plenty. While you’re at it, do yourself a favor and wear pants that fit properly in order to keep everything looking neat and tidy. When in doubt, wear jeans (which never look bad rolled up) with socks of the month as they typically have darker shades that go well with all colored pants or shorts.

5) Add some accessories

A great way to amp up any outfit is with accessories, which are small and easily changeable items that can take an outfit from ho-hum to wow! It's also a good way to accessorize if you don't want people saying things like, Why is she wearing so many clothes? Accessorizing socks can be even easier than accessorizing clothing since it's not as permanent. You can change your accessories on a daily basis—sometimes even hourly.

6) Wear it during cold weather

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7) Match your socks to your shoes

It doesn’t matter if you wear dress socks, tube socks or athletic socks. Just make sure that you match your sock color to your shoe color. If you’re wearing red shoes, don’t wear white socks; if you have green pants on, don’t wear brown shoes and so on. Matching your sock colors to your clothes will not only give off a sophisticated vibe but it will also avoid unnecessary clashing. This is because we tend to notice our shoes first when we look at ourselves in a mirror—so make sure they coordinate with everything else you’re wearing by making them as bold or as neutral as possible for maximum effect.

8) Other options include wearing it with slacks, jeans, leggings, etc.

Slacks, Leggings or Jeans: Wearing socks of the month with jeans or slacks is one way to keep your outfit from being too casual. You can either choose an entirely matching color combination, such as two different shades of blue. Or you can wear a lighter shade with a darker hue for contrast. If you’re wearing socks that are made out of cotton or a similar fabric and aren’t overly thick, you can also easily mix and match colors in order to create a more subtle effect.