8 Unique Sock Subscription Boxes You Need in Your Life: Philosockphy's Sock of the Month Club

How are you supposed to remember to wear something that’s boring and bland? Nobody really cares about socks, they’re just there to keep your feet warm, right? Well, we disagree! That’s why we started Philosockphy’s sock of the month Club! Our subscription box sends you 3 pairs of high quality socks every month, with no subscription fees ever! What makes our sock subscription boxes so great? This blog post will show you why Philosockphy’s sock of the month Club is one of the best sock subscription boxes on the market! Read on!

1) MySocks

We provide an awesome sock club for men which includes fun socks with crazy colors. For the more classic gentleman, we offer a monthly subscription box that includes ankle socks and colorful dress socks. Our men's sock boxes are a great gift idea and make a fantastic Christmas stocking stuffer. Mens purple ankle socks are a perfect addition to your collection of novelty mens socks because they're just plain awesome!

2) Bombas Socks

Bombas is a sock subscription service that sends you six pairs of socks monthly. This includes three pairs of dress socks and three pairs of athletic socks. They are made from superfine merino wool, which wicks moisture away from your feet to keep them dry and warm. Bombas also donates one pair of new socks to someone in need for every purchase you make!

Bombas is different because they have both dress and athletic socks, giving you more options depending on what outfit you're wearing that day. Plus, it ships worldwide for free so there's no worries about paying extra for shipping!

3) Stance Socks

Stance socks are a sock subscription service that is dedicated to making your feet happy. They have a variety of fun, colorful socks that can fit any man's needs. Mens colorful socks and mens ankle socks are available as well as cool mens socks and best crew socks. For those looking for something different, crazy color dress socks or cool men's dress shirts are also available on their site.

4) Happy Socks

Happy Socks is a sock subscription service that delivers you fun, colorful, and humorous socks from around the world to your door every month. They have socks for both men and women, and they come in a variety of styles including dress socks, no show socks, funky ankle socks, and more. They also offer a monthly sock club for kids! With each pair of new socks you'll be sent an information card with facts about where they're from as well as some other fun tidbits. The best part? All their products are made with soft cotton or high-quality nylon.

5) Outerwear Luxury Collection

Philosocksophy is a monthly sock subscription service that provides a variety of fashionable and unique socks for men. They offer monthly, three-month, six-month, and yearly subscriptions to their products. There are also gift subscriptions available for purchase. Their socks are designed for every occasion and lifestyle. All subscriptions come with free shipping in North America. They also offer exchanges if you happen to order the wrong size or style. With this being said, Philospocksy offers an excellent selection of fun mens ankle socks, fun dress socks and cool socks for men. Some other highlights from their collection include colorful ankle socks, formal dress socks and funky dress socks.

6) Happy Foot Club

You know when it comes to your feet, they deserve the best. That’s why you need to check out Happy Foot Club, a monthly sock subscription service that will provide you with fresh pairs of socks and send them right to your door!

Happy Foot Club is a sock subscription service for men who want more than just boring black socks. Every month, subscribers receive a delivery containing two pairs of colorful socks and one pair of more neutral colors. If you’re looking for a fun gift idea for someone that loves their socks, this is it!

If you're not sure what size or type of sock your recipient needs, don't worry!

7) The Tie Bar Bespoke Kit (a Little Pricey But So Worth It!)

The Tie Bar Bespoke Kit is one of the best sock subscription boxes out there. It comes with 7 pairs of fun, colourful socks that are perfect for men. They have a great range from basic to eclectic and always have a good mix so you can wear different socks each day if you like. Plus, these socks are made from high quality materials so they will last for a long time. If you're looking for an amazing gift idea or just want to get some new fun socks, this is the box to go with! The only downside is that it can be expensive but I think it's worth every penny!

8) JG Apparel

Ready to make your feet happy? Then look no further than this sock subscription box! The best part about JG Apparel is that they have a monthly subscription for men, so you'll never be bored with your sock drawer again. It also has a low price point, meaning you don't have to break the bank to stay on trend with your socks.

The company offers two different subscriptions; one for mens colorful socks and another for gift socks. These will keep your feet warm and stylish all year round!