8 Sneaky Ways to Wear No Show Socks

8 Sneaky Ways to Wear No Show Socks

Ankle socks are often reserved for athletic wear and sock of the month clubs, but there are plenty of other great ways to wear them! If you are looking to broaden your horizons, here are 8 sneaky ways to wear no show socks that will have you feeling fashionably comfortable in no time.

3) Choose a sock subscription

The best way to ensure you’re wearing no show socks every day is to subscribe for a sock of the month. One example, is called Choosy’s sock subscription. Choosy sends you monthly boxes filled with six different pairs of socks from hip brands like Bombas and Q-Ball. Each pair comes with fun designs and patterns and they come in both men’s and women’s sizes. When you subscribe to one of these sock of the month clubs, they send a nice little box directly to your door every month that makes it simple for you not only find cool new socks but also wear them regularly! You can cancel or change your order at any time so there are no commitments other than having great socks delivered straight to your door.

4) Buy socks in bulk

Most sock subscriptions provide you with one or two pairs of socks every month, meaning it’s easy to forget about them—until that pair of socks wears out. The best way to avoid wasted socks is by buying in bulk. For example, a pack of 10 pairs of no-show socks will last at least two months (depending on how often you wear them) and can typically be purchased for $20 or less. The higher price point may seem too steep when compared with your typical $5–$10 subscription box—but if you think about it in terms of monthly cost per use, there’s no contest: The quality pair will last longer than cheap socks and help prevent your other pairs from piling up because they get lost in piles at home.

5) Wear no show socks with boots, heels, loafers and sandals

Philosockphy can be a great way to expand your sock collection without breaking your budget. The subscription service sends you three pairs of socks each month—two ankle socks and one over-the-calf pair. If you have trouble finding time for an in-store shopping excursion, that makes it easy to keep your sock game on point. A fun subscription idea: The sock of the month Club from UsBeez—they do women's and men's no show socks in packs of 6 or 12 per month (with free shipping). You can also find some great deals at stores like Macy’s, Banana Republic and Kohl’s with their buy one, get one free offers.

6) Make no show socks an everyday thing

For business professional, no show socks are a must. If you’re wearing dress shoes in a formal office environment, you’ll want to invest in a few quality pairs of no-show socks and wear them with your favorite pair of loafer or oxfords every day. Think of it as a sock subscription that will keep your feet looking put together without being distracting. And if you’re prone to smelly feet, consider taking along an extra pair or two in your briefcase, just in case your shoes get too hot for comfort at lunchtime or after a long day at work. For everyday wear, you can find great options on Amazon for about $12 per 6-pack. Let us know what you think!

7) How to style no show socks with sneakers and sandals

Wearing no show socks with sandals or sneakers is a great way to keep your feet cool while looking like you aren’t wearing any socks at all. However, it can be hard deciding what color and pattern of sock best matches your shoe—that’s why we created our sock of the month Club, which includes 6 unique pairs of no show socks each month for one low price. Whether you want prints and patterns or simple solids, our monthly subscription service has everything from grayscale stripes to plaid bow ties. Discover your next favorite pair now!

8) Get used to being barefoot

Once you start wearing no-show socks daily, it’s going to feel weird being in your sneakers without them. In fact, it might be so uncomfortable that you don’t want to wear sneakers at all! Even if you end up hating sockless shoes (and I promise, some people just aren’t fans), it’s a small price to pay for keeping your feet safe and cool. And, who knows—maybe you'll love no-show socks and never look back. Whatever happens, now that you know all there is about socks...thanks for reading!

9) Experiment with your favorite shoes

Don’t let a pair of great kicks go to waste! If you can’t wear your favorite shoes with no-show socks, try pairing them with other kinds of socks (or going sockless!) Instead of matching, look for patterns that complement your shoes and suit your style. Mixing and matching different kinds of socks is a lot more fun than sticking with just one pair! If all else fails, hide an ugly pair underneath some casual boots or slippers. The best part about no-show socks? You won’t have to worry about them peeking out in photos. Just make sure you don’t end up crossing your legs or anything while they're on display... 😉

10) Accessorize your style with no show socks

It seems like socks are a dying trend. Nowadays, it’s hard to find anything other than boring athletic socks or boring dress socks in most stores. To be honest, I used to love having sockless days back in my 20s; but with age comes wisdom and I now know better (i.e., don’t wear no show socks without adding a little pizzazz!). Today, you can find all sorts of no show sock styles at an array of price points. If you want something inexpensive, there are plenty of fun novelty options available at your local department store or drugstore. The next step up is slightly more expensive fashion-forward brands such as Emporio Armani or Stance.