8 Reasons to Subscribe to a Sock of the Month Subscription

8 Reasons to Subscribe to a sock of the month Subscription

How many pairs of socks do you own? Chances are it’s not nearly enough, considering you probably need new socks every few months as they wear out. A sock of the month subscription is a great way to ensure that you never run out of socks while trying out lots of different brands and styles without having to commit to each style before trying it on. We’ve compiled the eight best reasons why you should consider subscribing to a sock of the month subscription below!

#1 – They Fit Most People

Most people wear socks between sizes 8-12, including many pregnant women. If you’re not sure what size you are, check out our sizing guide! We offer 2 different sock sizing: US women's and US men's. Each style we sell has both sizing listed on each item page for your convenience. Some may prefer one over another, but we've found that most people choose whichever type they feel more comfortable with in regards to fit. Socks don't fall off and no one has complained about their socks being too small or too big! #2 – Variety is Good: If you subscribe to a sock of the month club, you get to experience all kinds of fun colors and patterns throughout your year with us!

#2 – Cute, Novelty, and Colorful Options

A sock of the month subscription is a great option for those that want unique socks. Many subscription services offer themed subscriptions, such as options related to holidays or sports teams. This way, subscribers don’t have to go out looking for new socks every time they want something different; they simply get something in their mailbox that’s sure to brighten up their day and bring them joy! It’s also perfect for those who like variety and enjoy trying out new things. It doesn’t hurt that these types of socks are usually very soft and comfortable! No matter which style you choose, these high-quality socks are likely to last you more than just one wear.

#3 – Fun for Gifts or Just for Yourself

Give socks as gifts or treat yourself. The sock of the month subscription is one that any man or woman would love. I have been a subscriber for over 4 years now and it never fails, each month a new pair of great looking and feeling socks arrive at my door step. These are not just any old socks; they are designer socks with really cool looking designs and each month there is usually an exclusive pair which you can only receive if you subscribe to their sock club. You will be shocked by how many compliments you get wearing these unique designs that no one else will have! I know I did when my friends started asking me where I got my crazy cool looking socks from!

#4 – Affordable Gifting Ideas

If you’re on a budget, sock subscriptions can be an affordable gift idea. Maybe you’re shopping for your college roommate and looking for something that is both original and inexpensive. With subscription boxes, you can shop knowing that every month your friend will get a new pair or socks that are specially chosen just for them. It won’t break your bank account but it will show how much thought you put into their gift.

#5 – Trendy Designs

Everyone loves receiving fun packages in the mail, and getting new socks is no exception. When you subscribe to a sock of the month club, you can look forward to receiving something unique every time—and they won’t be boring old white athletic socks! Instead, expect lots of bright colours and adorable patterns that make great gifts or collectibles. Whether you like stripes or polka dots, your subscription will have it all. If you are starting a sock collection, then go ahead and treat yourself with some awesome new pair every month!

#6 – Multiple Sizes/Colors Available in Each Subscription Box

No matter what type of socks you like, whether it’s knee-highs or ankle socks, your subscription box will have something for you. In each subscription box, you’ll get three pairs of quality sock, ensuring that if one pair doesn’t fit or isn’t your style, there are two other pairs available.

#7 – Premium Quality Materials Used

Your socks should be made out of high-quality materials. It is essential to quality and durability if you want them to last as long as possible. For example, our socks are made from cotton, polyester, elastic and spandex. These materials are soft, durable and do not wear down easily like others do. The result is that your socks will look newer for longer!

#8 – Fun Addition to Treat Yourself

You know those times you’re just in need of something small and silly to add some extra joy into your life? A sock subscription is a great way to treat yourself and even gives you an excuse to let loose and be creative. You can get creative with patterns, colors, or simply try out that cool design on your calf area. For example, if you get an animal print, why not wear it on a night out? Pair it with anything from jeans to your favorite skirt for added flair! Or instead choose some comfy cotton socks for relaxing after work. There’s no such thing as too many socks! Our sock subscription service makes sure that there is always a new pair waiting for you at home or work every month!