8 Creative Ways to Fold Your Socks

8 Creative Ways to Fold Your Socks

You may not realize it, but the way you fold your socks can make all the difference in keeping them fresh and clean between uses! That’s why we’ve made sure to include some of our favorite ways to fold your socks in this monthly sock of the month club package. Here are eight creative ways to fold your socks that will make sure they stay fresher longer while they wait to be worn again.

How I Use My sock of the month Subscription

If you wear socks every day, it’s easy to end up with a drawer full of mismatched socks. To solve that problem, I subscribed to a sock of the month club. Every three months, I get a pair of cool socks delivered right to my door. Not only does that keep me from buying random packs in bulk, but it means when one set wears out (as they inevitably do), I always have more on hand! And when sock subscriptions aren’t for sale, you can find cheap six-packs on Amazon and at drugstores like CVS and Walgreens.

Why I've Started Collecting cool socks

First of all, it's a very creative way to display your favorite socks. Don't you think so? I got my first pair of cool socks from Suburban Riot and ever since then, I started collecting more stylish and funky socks. These days, I'm subscribed with a sock of the month service called Bombas where I receive new pair of socks every month.

Where To Get cool socks

Where do you get your socks? If you haven’t subscribed to a sock of the month club, then it’s time. There are tons of sock subscription companies out there that provide everything from accessories for your feet, including belts and ties, bowties, cummerbunds, braces and collars. Just search online and find one that fits you.

How To Store Your Cool New Collection

If you’re new to wearing matching socks, you might be confused by what it means when they come with a manufacturer warning: Machine wash warm. Do you fill your washer with ice and run around in that? As a matter of fact, no. What’s going on here is an optical illusion. Most socks are made of cotton—which can lose elasticity if washed too hot—and polyester or nylon (if they include spandex)—which can look fuzzy after being exposed to heat. The solution? Don’t take them off at all! Just keep wearing them until they wear out!

How To Fold Those Funky Tops

Folding your tops neatly can be a pain, but all it takes is a few easy steps. Use these folding techniques on boxy tees and tanks with baggy sleeves—think maternity wear and flowy blouses—to keep them neat and wrinkle-free. As an added bonus, it will also save you some space in your drawers. Got t-shirts that don't quite fit? Try folding them into triangles for extra space! Who knew there were so many ways to fold your clothes? Oh wait...did you know about sock subscriptions ? Yeah, we didn't either until now. But if you're looking for more creative ways to do things, read on

The Benefits Of Building A Funky, Quality Collection

Building a collection of funky socks can make getting dressed in the morning a little more exciting. With so many great sock subscription options available, it’s easier than ever to find something that catches your eye. You don’t need a ton of socks—just make sure you keep an eye out for companies offering limited-edition runs and extra special promotions that mean free socks! We are all about making mornings more enjoyable: join us.

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Online retail has given us a lot of great things, but it’s also created a lot of stress. We’re always checking our inboxes, wondering when that next shipment will come in, and hoping we don’t miss out on some new hotness. Here are 5 great companies that carry some really amazing undies. You can buy them directly from their websites or via Amazon—it doesn’t matter where you shop as long as you make sure you get your hands on some!

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One of my readers mentioned that I have a lot of clothes and asked how I store them. Here's what works for me! For starters, don't go buying stuff just because you think you need it—if your closet is already full, but your dresser drawers still have space, storing them in those will save you a trip to Bed Bath & Beyond. If you don't want clutter in your bedroom, try using shower curtain hooks as clothing racks or wall-mounting organizers; they take up less room than their floor-standing counterparts and you can even use them to hang necklaces on as well!