7 Unusual Facts about Socks

7 Unusual Facts about Socks

How many socks do you have in your drawer right now? Does it seem like the more you buy, the more quickly they disappear? Are you interested in learning about the history of socks, or other strange facts that have to do with socks? Then check out these unusual facts about socks. They’re fun and interesting, but mostly useless! Read on to find out more about these seven useless facts about socks.

The History of Socks

Although socks may not seem like an item of great importance, they’ve been around for thousands of years. Archaeologists have uncovered Egyptian foot coverings that are over 6,000 years old and in England during medieval times it was common to wear multiple pairs of hose at once. In addition to offering warmth and protection, socks were also a sign of social standing. Noblemen were often depicted wearing stylish foot coverings while peasants had to make do with basic wool or fabric. The humble sock has come a long way since then! Today you can buy socks in a variety of styles including thick hiking varieties or stylish argyle patterns that can add just a bit of class to any outfit.

How To Choose Cool And Fashionable Socks

The ultimate guide to choosing cool socks. Learn how to make your own sock subscriptions and many more ways to use socks that you never knew existed. Find out how to become a sock master with our useful tips and helpful ideas.

Fun Facts You Might Not Know

If you have cool socks, it’s likely you’re a history buff. Military or athletic-themed socks were originally worn by German Army officers during World War I. Basketball socks became popular after legendary basketball coach Adolph Rupp wore high-tops to honor his Italian heritage. Today, many sports fans and athletes wear unique colored socks to show their team spirit and boost morale. What could be more American than owning cool socks? On top of wearing fashionable knitted knee-highs that look great with your work attire, sock subscriptions are becoming all the rage! Having a new pair of stylish and unique striped or polka dot socks arrive at your doorstep every month is like getting gifts you didn’t even know you wanted!

The Importance Of Wearing cool socks

cool socks are no longer just a fashion accessory. Wearing them has actually been proven to keep your feet comfortable and healthy, in addition to making you more attractive. Just think of it: When’s the last time you met someone who didn’t like wearing socks? Probably never. The point is, socks are everywhere and they can be used for more than just keeping your feet warm during cold weather or in bed at night (although we won’t complain if you wear them for either of those reasons). They play an important role in our everyday lives, whether we realize it or not. What do socks have to do with good health? Cool sock subscriptions: Not sure where to begin when trying out cool sock subscriptions?

What Type Of Material Is Best For Your Sock?

Everyone has their preferences for what type of material their socks are made out of, but chances are you probably didn’t know there is actually a difference in materials and which one is best. With so many options on sock subscription boxes, it can be hard to decide which socks you should be receiving in your monthly packages. Some people prefer wool socks while others prefer bamboo ones or even no-show socks, but here’s a breakdown on what each sock material is best for and why it’s a great choice for your favorite pair of shoes.

When To Wear White, Black Or Nude Socks?

Most people know when to wear white socks with athletic shoes and black socks with suit pants. But what about nude, grey or patterned socks? These guidelines will help you match your socks to your attire based on color. As a bonus, there are some fun facts as well: did you know that most men have bigger feet than women? Or that animal prints are more likely to be seen on women's clothes than men's?

Why Should I Have A sock of the month Subscription?

Often times people will wonder why they should join a sock of a month subscription club. There are many benefits to having a sock of a month subscription club. One thing is that you will always have new socks so that your feet can stay comfortable and dry for every season, day, and circumstance. Also, it could be fun to get something in mail each month. You could even find yourself collecting socks as well! There’s no limit to how much fun you can have with sock subscriptions so if you want to see what we mean then please keep reading! So Why Should I Have A sock of the month Subscription?