7 Great Reasons to Use No Show Socks

7 Great Reasons to Use No Show Socks

Using no show socks can be an excellent way to keep your feet healthy and looking stylish, but what are the best options? Here’s our list of some of the best no show socks available today. With 7 great reasons to wear no show socks and 10 tips for wearing no show socks, you’ll be sure to pick the perfect pair of socks for you!

Why They Are Better Than Regular Socks

They aren’t bulky, so you can wear them with flip flops and heels. They are generally thinner than regular socks, which makes them ideal for packing in carry-on bags. Unlike regular socks, no show socks keep your toes free from scratches. They don’t slip off as easily as regular socks do. Since they are made of material like nylon or polyester, they are more durable than cotton socks and can be machine washed.

3. They’re Cool

You love cool socks, right? Chances are you’re subscribed to at least one sock of the month service. Heck, you might even be wearing a pair right now. Who wouldn’t want cool socks? And not just socks for every occasion; no show socks can still add that pop of color and personality that a regular pair of white gym socks just doesn’t have. While not all no show socks are created equal, here are 7 great reasons why no show socks will make your feet look fantastic.

4. You Can Give the Gift of Cool

Who doesn’t love a good pair of socks? While most people think of socks as a necessity, they can also be used as an awesome tool to make gifts extra special. If you have someone on your gift list who loves cool socks, consider getting them a subscription that ships new pairs each month. Many sock subscription services offer a variety of great designs at reasonable prices and even have fun themes like Star Wars or The Simpsons. You can also find companies that specialize in sock-of-the-month clubs for children—which makes gifting kids’ birthdays or holidays easy!

5. You Get an Extra Pair

One of my favorite parts about sock subscriptions is that you get an extra pair each month. As cool as these socks are, it's also really fun to get socks every month! I love getting new socks and knowing that there's going to be something in my mailbox for me. There is nothing like going through your mail, opening a package, and finding a surprise. That's exactly what I love about sock of the month clubs!

6. They Keep Their Shape Even When Not Worn

While standard cotton socks stretch out after just a few wears, no show socks hold their shape over time. That's because they're made of a stronger blend of material with memory retention, ensuring that they fit your feet perfectly even when you take them off and leave them on your dresser for a few days. Over time, your socks will start to look thin and worn-out; but as long as you make sure you're wearing no show socks everyday, yours will continue looking smart and new! Don't wear your most favorite socks every day; instead, use sock subscription services to switch up your look without replacing all of your favorites.

7. Fun Designs in a Variety of Colors and Styles

A sock subscription service is a great way to make sure you always have unique, fun socks. As a bonus, many companies also offer themed sock of the month packages or discounts for buying in bulk. You can even sign up for recurring sock shipments that arrive on your doorstep each month. This can help you curb impulsive spending and make sure you always have something fun planned for gift giving time! Check out Sock Club on Amazon for some amazing deals on three pairs of fun and cool socks delivered straight to your door!

8. Variety Is the Spice of Life

One of my favorite parts about wearing no show socks is that they’re a great conversation starter. If you meet someone who compliments your cool socks, it’s an easy way to open up a conversation. And if you don’t want a conversation, they can also act as icebreakers with friends, family or other individuals in your life. My wife and I will often show off our no-show sock collection when we go on vacation because we love talking about which ones are our favorites (and let me tell you, there are quite a few).