7 Facts About Socks That Make Them More Interesting

7 Facts About Socks That Make Them More Interesting

You’re going to have to trust me on this one – socks are far more interesting than you might realize! Whether it’s the history of sock development, the science of socks, or all the different types of socks that you can wear today, there’s always something new to learn about socks. Find out more with these seven fun and useless facts about socks that will help make them more interesting in your mind.

Fact 1: The History of Underwear

We all know that socks keep our feet warm and cozy. But did you know that socks have their origins in ancient Egypt? The word sock itself comes from an Old English term meaning to cover. In fact, one of the oldest pairs of socks ever found in a sandal dates back to between 300 and 600 A.D., found in a tomb on Turkey's Mount Ida. And if you believe some historians, socks may have had their beginnings as early as 2800 B.C.—although it was certainly less practical than modern footwear!

Fact 2: Pretty Much Every Culture Has Their Own Kind of Toe-Covering

For example, Buddhists in Tibet wear sky socks which are used as a way to preserve cultural identity and remain pure from worldly concerns. Meanwhile, in Turkey, certain Muslim sects believe that wearing shoes with pointed toes to be unholy. Thus, they wear over-the-knee socks called gopi which have turned into a popular fashion statement. The style has since gone global thanks to famous fans such as Gwen Stefani. Whatever your preferred design and reasoning behind it is – you can always count on sock subscription boxes to provide you with all sorts of fancy foot coverings!

Fact 3: Most Likely, People Started Wearing Shoes Because There Was War

As long as humans have been walking around, we’ve worn socks. The oldest discovered sock was found in Finland, and is more than 5,000 years old. But even before that time period, we’ve been wearing animal fur to protect our feet against extreme weather. Originally designed for warfare: As a quick-drying material, you could tuck your footgear into your boots or shoes and thus be ready for battle at any moment without taking a lot of time to prepare yourself. Modern sock-sock subscription companies like KnitCrate focus on quality socks that can withstand wear and tear with their interesting patterns and fabrics such as merino wool and cotton blend socks for men or women.

Fact 4: Ancient Egyptian Embalmers Used Socks As Mummification Materials

In ancient Egypt, socks were considered essential clothing. They were worn in sandals made of papyrus, which is a type of reed that grows along riverbanks. The pharaohs who wore these types of sandals would sometimes be buried with them as well. This was done because it was believed that if you wore something on your feet when you died, you’d have to wear it for eternity. Since a sock doesn’t decompose and can last forever, it became a popular choice for mummification materials and often served as socks during their eternal lives!

Fact 5: Some Companies Are Giving Away Free sock of the month Subscriptions

You may not be aware of it, but there are a number of companies that have realized just how important socks are and have come up with ways to give them away. They see socks as being almost essential products that you need to own, so they look for any opportunity to do so. If your company has a group of dedicated customers or is looking for new marketing avenues, consider offering free sock of the month subscriptions. It’s a fun way to promote your business and make some money at once. You can use social media or email lists to inform customers about what you’re doing and how they can sign up. And if nothing else, it will introduce them to your brand while they wait for their next delivery. #Philosockphy!

Fact 6: Philosockphy

We live in a world of over-indulgence, and socks are no exception. Did you know there is a sock subscription service? Philosockphy will deliver 1, 2 or 3 pairs of socks straight to your door each month for $12. You can subscribe for 6 months ($72) or 12 months ($144). They also have one free pair of socks if you refer 10 friends, which I have done! My favourite ones were dark grey with navy stripes and orange starfish on them. I’m not sure what they’re supposed to add to my day but they made me smile nonetheless. Perhaps wear them on days when you need a boost?

Fact 7: Fashion Industry Trivia

The socks industry has its own philosophy: Philosockphy. The study of socks and their importance in our lives can be traced back to a sock merchant from Kansas in 1950. Horace Lee was an accountant who went by his nickname, Philosock. He founded a sock subscription service called sock of the month and offered $15 bucks per month for twelve pairs of socks; one pair of formal dress socks, seven pairs of casual cotton blend socks, and four pairs for sports. These days you can still subscribe to sock subscriptions that range from your run-of-the-mill cotton blends up to more specialized selections like boot liners or padded sport cushions.