6 Things Every Woman Needs to Know About No Show Socks

6 Things Every Woman Needs to Know About No Show Socks

I don’t know about you, but I have a massive sock collection. It’s one of my favorite types of clothing because it’s so versatile, whether I wear it on my feet or my wrists! But did you know there are socks out there specifically designed to help you keep your pants on? These types of socks are called no show socks, and they help create the illusion that your pants are just magically staying up all by themselves.

1) What are no show socks?

If you want to rock some cool socks but don’t want them showing off your ankle, then look for no show socks. These don’t hang out of your shoe like a traditional sock would. They are shorter and sit just under your ankle, keeping you warm and stylish (and they aren’t hot either!). You can wear no show socks with heels or sneakers—the possibilities are endless! If you have kids who love legwear as much as mine do, then no show socks will be a huge hit in your house because all of their fun colors and patterns won’t be exposed! You may also consider getting them a sock subscription box, where they will receive new styles every month!

2) Quality matters

If you’re really interested in socks and sock subscriptions, it’s important that you start with a high-quality pair of socks. The knee-high black nylon stockings that come with your maid-of-honor dress are not no show socks. Instead, shop for no show socks made from natural fibers like cotton or wool. The woven structure of these fabrics allows them to be breathable and keeps them comfortable against your skin while they cushion your feet as you go about your day.

3) Styles come in many shapes and sizes

Whether you prefer boring and basic or bold and bright, it’s time for a change. A sock subscription service is a fun way to be cool on your feet—no matter what you wear them with. Select from a variety of styles and designs from companies such as Happy Socks, Bombas, and Stance. By signing up for one of these sock-of-the-month clubs, you can guarantee that your ankles will never look dull again. Want more fashion tips? Check out our guide on wearing tall boots in winter!

4) What size do I need?

Different no show socks are made in different sizes, but when you're shopping online you're going to want to look for size 10. These fit most women perfectly, and if they don't fit perfectly, you can use them anyway. Just buy a size up, and wear a big sock underneath. Easy peasy! If you do need a little extra room then opt for 12-13 depending on your foot size (or ask your sock subscription provider what their return policy is!) Most of these companies have excellent customer service and are quick to help out with sizing questions so don't be afraid to reach out! Even if it's just for measurements.

5) How do they stay up?

One thing that sets no-show socks apart from their ankle-revealing cousins is how they stay in place. They’re usually made of different fabrics, or have elastic around all or part of the sock (underneath where your foot will be). Some no-shows have a ribbed top, like a turtleneck, which means they stay up even better than some regular socks. Some brands even come with adhesive strips, so you don’t have to worry about blisters.

6) Stylish men’s socks, too!

If you don’t want your socks poking out of your shoes, consider buying some that are on trend and cool. Have a look at some cool socks for men , too. There are many fashionable sock styles that will match any outfit. cool socks can be worn in winter or summer, depending on whether you have warm feet or not!