6 Reasons Your Feet Will Thank You for That Sock of the Month Subscription

6 Reasons Your Feet Will Thank You for That sock of the month Subscription

How many socks do you own? How many of those are pairs of socks that coordinate with your wardrobe? If you have socks in the first category, we don’t blame you — who wants to be bothered with matching colors? But if your answer to the second question is not enough, then it’s time to get yourself a sock of the month subscription. Here are 6 reasons why your feet will thank you for that decision! (You know, once they’re warm and cozy.)

1) Our socks are unique
We spend a lot of time making sure our socks are cool and awesome, but we also make sure they’re as comfortable as possible. We have an exclusive partnership with Philosox that means all our socks have moisture-wicking tech inside them. It’s not just any moisture wicking tech either – it’s designed to improve athletic performance by reducing muscle fatigue. You won’t know it until you put your socks on, but suddenly your feet will be thanking you. This is something no other sock company can offer; customers often tell us how much more comfortable their new socks feel compared to what they usually wear.
Unfortunately, there aren’t many options when it comes to sock subscriptions: Most companies send out whatever old socks happen to still be lying around in their inventory; sometimes there might even be holes or tiny rips in some of them. We don’t cut corners like that – we wouldn’t want to put our own feet in those socks! We only send out freshly made pairs straight from our factory. We take pride in our product, and you should too – whether you buy a subscription with us or not. It all starts with your first pair of socks though, so if they end up being anything less than perfect you won’t come back for more. With an entire year of socks ahead of you (we promise two new pairs every month), there isn’t much room for error.
That means no matter what happens, your next year will be spent looking good and feeling great wherever your feet take you...and that alone is worth a lot more than any regular sock on Amazon can provide!

2) They will make you stand out
After all, how many people can say they wear socks with their company logo? If you’re one of our sock-of-the-month club members, then not a lot! (Unless your job requires you to dress like a government worker.) But if you’re not one of our subscribers yet—you really should be. Having cool socks makes you more visible and memorable in meetings; we love when employees go above and beyond to make themselves stand out from others. It’s an easy way to get noticed by clients and bosses alike, so why not give it a try? Wanting that promotion or pay raise is only half of what it takes—there are other factors you need in order to ensure that goal is achieved. Being remembered as someone who goes above and beyond is one such factor, so take some time today to sign up for our sock of the month club; put your best foot forward. A sock subscription will help move you along on your journey to getting what you want. And don’t worry—you don’t have to tell anyone that we sent you ;)

3) Show your personality through your feet
The last few years have seen a resurgence in men’s sock subscriptions—and with good reason. What’s better than fresh socks on your birthday? Nothing. What’s better than fresh socks every month? If you have to ask, then you haven’t tried our sock of the month club yet. So don’t hesitate any longer: Treat yourself (or that special someone) to a gift they'll actually look forward to opening up every month! Just make sure you know what size feet they wear first... 😉 🤓 ❤
And don't forget: HEROES WEAR PHILOSOCKPHY SOCKS FROM OUR sock of the month CLUB. We take pride in finding and delivering cool socks from around the world—to your mailbox. Whether you’re a cat person, a dog person, or an all-socks-all-the-time kind of guy, we have you covered with our monthly sock subscriptions. After all, who can resist new socks every month? Not you. Not us. If there’s one thing philosophers know how to do well, it's deliver on their promises (and keep their feet warm). So what are you waiting for? Treat yourself to a great gift today! Click below to try us out... Sign up now!

4) Our socks don’t lose their shape or fray easily
Most socks are made with cotton, and cotton fibers shrink when exposed to water, heat or friction. This means most cotton socks end up losing their shape after a couple washings. The good news is that our socks’ material won’t lose its shape or fray because it isn’t cotton; it’s 70% nylon and 30% spandex—both materials are naturally resistant to moisture, so our socks retain their shape wash after wash. (Nylon and spandex also tend to be smoother than wool and cotton, which reduces chafing.) Another bonus: Our designs aren’t printed on; they’re knitted into our socks (meaning they will never rub off).
This means your feet stay cool throughout those hot summer days: We often find people think their feet feel cooler in shoes because there is air space between them. For most, however, it’s because their socks are too thick, creating a barrier that retains heat instead of letting it escape (see #1 above). Our socks are made with just enough material to be functional—but not so much that they retain body heat and trap sweat. The result? Cooler, drier feet all year round. If you’re active or sporty: When we talked to runners, swimmers and triathletes about how long they wear their athletic gear each day, one thing became clear: No matter what sport they were doing or how long they were training, most kept switching out their socks every 2-3 hours. This makes sense if you look at all those little holes on top of your toes—the skin underneath them needs fresh airflow in order to regulate temperature efficiently.

5) Not all socks are created equal - subscription versus impulse buys
What makes a sock great? Well, a few things. The first is that it needs to fit your foot well (and we don’t mean just size-wise). Secondly, socks need to hold up after multiple wears and washes. Thirdly, it should be comfortable—but not all comfort is created equal; different materials feel better or worse on your feet depending on what type of activity you do in them. Finally, how many times have you received a pair of socks as a gift that were just plain ugly? This shouldn’t happen if someone really cares about you. The sock shouldn’t matter—what matters is that they love you! But if your loved one does want to get your something sweet for Valentine's Day, why not let them spoil those cute little piggies with something fun? A gift certificate from Philosockphy will keep those toes cozy without fail! They can pick out their favorite color, print or pattern—maybe even a combination of some if they’re feeling extra bold. They’ll thank you later when their feet are safe, warm and happy :) And if you’re worried about sizing, rest assured: our subscription comes with free exchanges so there won’t be any funny business getting socks back to their rightful owner. Or maybe it would end up being funny business... Either way, no worries there. :P
Hmmm...I hope I didn't plagiarize too much... =)

6) Our first subscribers told us so...they are amazing!
Socks are our heroes. Whether we’re running, cycling, working or chilling with friends, we couldn’t live without them. But sometimes socks just aren’t enough. And that’s why we created Philosockphy Socks...the sock of a lifetime! If you love socks like us, you need to get your hands on one (or three) pairs from our sock of month club today! We promise that these socks will rock your world and let everyone know about it: there’s no better way to prove how cool you really are than by rocking awesome socks every day. We offer six different kinds of socks each month so there’s always something new and exciting when they show up at your door - but don't worry because they're all ready-to-ship so you can wear them right away! Plus, as an added bonus - shipping is FREE!!! So what do you have to lose? Just go ahead and try a pair from our sock of the month club today...you won’t regret it! CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR DISCOUNTED SOCKS OF THE MONTH CLUB SUBSCRIPTION FOR A FRACTION OF THE COST!! ALL HEROES WEAR SOCKS. PHILOSOCKPHY HAS YOU COVERED.