5 Unique Ways to fold your Sock Subscription's Socks of the Month

5 Unique Ways to fold your sock subscription's Socks of the Month

How often do you receive socks in the mail? If you’re like me, it’s not very often. Socks are one of those basic wardrobe items that we tend to not give much thought too, but there are many perks to having a sock subscription, including convenience and fun! If you’re looking for some unique ways to fold your socks and make your sock subscription experience even better, these 5 unique ways to fold your socks are for you! Click here to see my 5 unique ways to fold your socks and learn how I take care of my socks from month to month!


1) The Military Roll

This is a highly customizable style with a lot of personalization. It is great for matching socks or shoes with uniforms, and pairs well with dress clothes. The military roll can be done by rolling one side of the sock over, then rolling the other side over in order to make them more tidy and presentable. Military rolls are a popular choice for formal occasions like weddings, job interviews, and church services because they complement any professional attire. If you want to make this style more fun, you can use different colored socks on each foot!
1. Place one sock on top of another so that they're right sides facing each other 2.


2) The Loop

- If you're looking for socks with a little more oomph, opt for a pair of brightly colored dress socks. - If you have fun dress socks that are not in storage, reach for them! You can always wear them again and they're a great way to show off some personality. - One of our favorites is these awesome striped knee-high socks from Nordstrom.
- The best crew sock subscription is the one that suits you best! So take this opportunity to explore different brands and different styles until you find something that really suits you.
- Fun men's ankle socks are great for when it starts getting chilly outside or if you just want something cute on your feet all day long.


3) The Bunch

Are you looking for a sock subscription that will provide you with cool socks? Well, look no further than The Bunch, they have socks and accessories for all seasons. And their socks are awesome! How do we know? We tested them out ourselves and now swear by their ankle socks and colorful socks.
The best part about The Bunch is that they offer both men's and women's colored ankle socks. So whether you're a man or a woman, there are plenty of fun colored dress socks for you. In addition to being super colorful, The Bunch offers some really cool novelty socks too! They also have crazy color dress sock designs like dinosaurs, robots and more! Choose from light pink or dark blue - these fun colorful dress socks will make any outfit pop.


4) The Ball

If you love fun socks and can't get enough, than our sock club is perfect for you! Our monthly subscriptions will introduce you to a new pair of socks each month that are guaranteed to be cool. From colorful ankle socks, colorful dress socks, funky crew socks, funky dress socks or just a plain old pair of ankle style knitters - there is something for everyone! We pride ourselves in our customer service and quality products. If you're looking for cool men's socks or cool kids' sock subscription boxes - then this is the place for you!


5) The Origami

There are many ways you can fold a sock. The most popular way is folding it into a square, and then rolling it up into a ball. However, these days there are so many more styles that people can try. One is where you take one side of the sock and cross it over the other side, then roll them both up until they become one long tube shape. Another is where you bend one side over and twist it until it becomes a cylinder shape, then do the same with the other side. Last but not least, there's what we like to call The Origami, which is when you take both sides and tie them together. You need two socks for this one!