5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Sock Subscription for Your Man

5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect sock subscription for Your Man

If you have a man in your life who enjoys wearing socks, why not consider getting him his own sock subscription? If you’re curious about the benefits of these sock subscriptions, we’ve got some tips to help you choose the right one for the man in your life. Check out our 5 tips below.


1) Determine His Style

When choosing a sock subscription, it is important to take your man's style into consideration. If he wears dress socks every day, then you may want to start off with a best sock of the month club. If he wears ankle socks every day, then you may want to start off with a crazy socks club. You can also try colorful ankle socks or colorful socks as a gift.


2) Consider His Size

In order to get your man a sock subscription that he will love, you need to consider his size. If your man is on the smaller side, then he might like ankle socks. If he's on the taller side and likes a little more coverage, then crew socks might be right up his alley. Other considerations are men with large feet. They should wear men's dress socks because they won't slide off their heel like some other types of socks do. He'll also enjoy fun crew socks or crazy color dress socks that come in a variety of different colors!


3) Think About His Activity Level

Does he go to work in a suit? Or are his days spent more casually? When you think about your man's sock preference, take into account his general activity level. If he's more of an office worker, then he'll most likely prefer ankle socks with no-show heels and toes. If he's more of a blue jeans kind of guy, then he'll enjoy colorful and funky patterns like crazy socks or awesome socks club. No matter what you choose, be sure to think about his day-to-day life so you can get him the perfect pair!


4) Decide on the Length of the Subscription

When it comes to socks, you get what you pay for. For a good sock subscription, expect to spend between $25-$30/month. The low end of this price range is best if your man is just looking for a new sock every now and then. If he's more interested in a monthly treat, look into a sock subscription that offers four pairs of unique socks per month.
#1- crazy socks are an easy way to make any outfit more fun! Crew socks with crazy designs like leopard prints, polka dots and skulls are great ways to add some personality!
#2- A popular choice among men is the ankle sock because they're not seen at all and can be worn with dress slacks or jeans.


5) Pick a Budget

The best sock subscription for your man all depends on what he is looking for. Do you want to give him the gift of crazy socks? A monthly pair of fun, colorful ankle socks? Whatever you are looking to get him, there is a monthly sock subscription out there that will be perfect. The best way to decide is by choosing a budget and then narrowing down the options based on that. For example: if your budget is $10 a month, you will want to find a low-cost option with low risk.