5 Sock Subscriptions That Will Make Your Feet Happy

5 Sock Subscriptions That Will Make Your Feet Happy

You may think that socks are socks, but they’re not! The right pair of socks can make your feet feel like they’re walking on clouds or swimming in cool water, and with sock subscriptions, you can experience this bliss month after month. Here are five sock subscriptions that will make your feet happy.

1) The Right Fit
It’s important to find a pair of socks that fits right. Obviously, you don’t want them too tight or too loose, but not all socks are created equal. When choosing a sock subscription, make sure it offers sizes to accommodate your shoe size; one-size-fits-all just doesn’t cut it when it comes to personal comfort. If you have big feet, opt for subscriptions that offer XL and XXL sizes. For smaller feet and women’s sizes, check out socks from companies like Wigwam and Comfy USA. For runners who prefer less bulk in their footwear (and on their feet), go with SelectSocks or Pezz Club.

2) How to Wear Casual Socks
Whether you wear a suit to work or casual clothes, there’s one piece of clothing that should always be present: socks. How you wear your socks, however, depends on what you’re wearing and what activity you have planned for that day. And when it comes to looking good, let's face it—men aren't supposed to care about their feet! Here are some ways that men can step up their sock game and look great even if they don't care about how their feet look. The main thing is to make sure your socks match what you're wearing; after all, no one wants mismatched footwear!

3) Great Quality For A Good Price
No one wants to wear cheap socks. But it’s also a reality that sometimes you don’t want to spend a ton of money on something that might get lost in the laundry, or run with your new white kicks. So how do you find great quality socks at a good price? It’s all about balance and knowing where to look. The best sock subscriptions offer high-quality options at affordable prices. Here are five options that offer just that—and you can pick which one is right for you!

4) Get Warm, Cozy Socks
If you love socks as much as we do, then it’s time to start subscribing to a sock of the month club. Not only are these pairs soft and snuggly, but they also come in an ever-expanding selection of styles. And since there is so much variety from month to month, you won’t get bored with your footwear—even if that means cozying up in matching Christmas sweaters at your desk. Check out our roundup below for some of our favorite sock subscriptions available online

5) Staying Organized Is Easy With Nice Packaging
Staying organized is one of those things that can be easily achieved when you have a lot of accessories. Look for various subscription boxes online that are customized to your specific storage needs. Pack up your drawer essentials in themed packages with roomy drawers. You’ll spend less time searching for what you need and more time enjoying life outside of your drawer. If you love having socks, then take it to another level by purchasing a sock-of-the-month package or upgrading them to something even better, like The Philosockphy club where socks are much more than fashion statements; they’re works of art!