5 Sock Subscriptions That Will Knock Your Socks Off


When it comes to sock subscriptions, the more choices the merrier, right? Not necessarily. When it comes to finding the right sock subscription for you, it helps to consider which features are most important to you and what kind of value you’re looking to get out of your sock subscription experience. That way, you can make sure your next pair of socks won’t knock your socks off with frustration instead of delight! Let’s take a look at five awesome sock subscriptions that will knock your socks off in the best possible way!


1) Bombas

Bombas is a sock subscription for men that sends high quality dress socks monthly. You can even specify if you're looking for ankle or crew length socks in your subscription preferences. Bombas has a wide selection of colors, patterns and styles to choose from, which means you'll always be able to find a perfect pair. Plus, every purchase comes with free shipping and returns. For $25 per month, we highly recommend Bombas as the best sock of the month club out there.


2) Birdies + Bears

Birdies and Bears is a sock subscription service that caters to the needs of the modern man. Whether they need funky, crazy socks or just some dress socks, Birdies and Bears provides them with a monthly delivery of new pairs that are guaranteed to knock their socks off. With an annual membership fee of $6.95 (or $2.99 per month), subscribers can choose between three different packages: The Funky Package, which includes 6 pairs of fun but sensible socks; The Dressy Package, which includes 8 pairs of colorful dress socks for those who want to add color to their outfits without going over-the-top; and The Crazy Pack, which includes 12 pairs with crazy colors and patterns for those who like wearing something a little more outrageous with their suits or jeans.


3) Dia & Co.

Dia & Co. is a company that offers women the opportunity to buy new clothes and accessories without ever having to leave their home. The subscription service offers dresses, jackets, tops, bottoms, jewelry, accessories and more in sizes 0-32.
The service is designed for women who want a personalized shopping experience without any of the work. Members can find styles they like based on size and lifestyle preferences (e.g., trendy vs classic) and have items shipped to their door for $20 per box with no sales tax or shipping charges.
Dia & Co.'s collection is constantly changing based on customer feedback so customers never have to worry about getting bored with their style choices.


4) Stance

Mens ankle socks are the best! They're fun and funky and go great with any outfit. Plus, their cool material will keep your feet from sweating. If you're looking for a new sock subscription, try out Stance's mens ankle socks. They're made of high-quality materials and come in a variety of colors to match any outfit. You'll never want to take them off!


5) LuLus

LuLus is a company that sends you socks on a monthly basis. The socks are high quality, colorful, and fun. This sock club can either be for men or women and there are different packages you can choose from depending on your needs. If you want to give the gift of LuLus, they also offer a LuLus for Him or LuLus for Her option as well! For $12/month, you get two pairs of quality dress socks; $18/month gets you three pairs including two pairs of dress and one pair of ankle socks; and $24/month includes four pairs including two ankle socks and two pairs of dress socks. If this sounds like something that would interest you, click here to sign up!