5 Outfits to Shop that Include Your New Sock of the Month

5 Outfits to Shop that Include Your New sock of the month

sock of the month subscriptions are great gifts for men, and if you’re shopping for men this holiday season, this guide is here to help you find the perfect gift. But if you’re not shopping for men, don’t worry! You can use these tips to learn how to style your own socks with any outfit! This year, be the coolest girl in your office or among your friends with these five stylish outfits that include your sock of the month subscription.

1) Dress from the legs up

Don’t forget about your socks! Keep them fun and colourful, so they add pep to your step and brighten up your wardrobe. Wear them with all sorts of outfits from boots to heels, slacks to sundresses, a black pencil skirt, or shorts for a Saturday morning stroll. Here are five outfits in which you can wear your new sock of the month subscription box. If you still need more inspiration on how to style socks into every outfit try our full guide here. Or if you’re ready get started now by ordering an introductory 3 month subscription box here!

2) A great hairstyle can make even boring socks look cool

Hair trends are always changing and some seasons it’s all about unique or colorful highlights. Don’t forget, your hair can be a great accessory. With something as simple as a change in color or cut, you can easily freshen up your look in seconds—and help accentuate those fun socks you got for last month’s sock of the month club! Here are five different outfits to shop when searching for your new favorite brand and style

3) Make your top match your socks

Matching your top and your socks is a great way to give yourself a boost when you're getting dressed. It can also add some fun flare to any outfit, even if you aren't particularly fashion-forward. Instead of just grabbing any ol' pair, consider picking out specific socks for each top in your closet. That way, there's less room for error and no question about whether or not it'll match!

4) Get colorful on your feet

There’s nothing wrong with throwing on a monochromatic outfit—it can be chic, classic and sophisticated. But it doesn’t have to be your only style option. Brighten up your look by adding socks into your fall wardrobe rotation. You don’t need an excuse to wear colored socks; in fact, there are many times when they can really help complete an outfit and tie it all together nicely. Here are five outfits you should shop right now

5) Mix and match socks to create fun combos

Are you one of those people who has a hard time matching socks? If so, don’t worry—just make your life easier by choosing one solid color or pattern and mix and match with any outfit. The possibilities are endless! You can go bold with all prints or pick a pattern like argyle or geometric. No matter what you choose, rest assured knowing that our sock-of-the-month club will give you new fun socks every month so they won’t be lonely. You can even throw them in your gift drawer when they aren’t needed for everyday wear!