5 of the Best Sock Subscriptions for Men

5 of the Best Sock Subscriptions for Men

A subscription to new socks every month would be any guy’s dream, right? While there are many sock subscriptions out there, only five of them deliver the quality and variety of socks that you want and deserve as a man. Here’s your guide to some of the best sock subscriptions for men!

1) Philosophy: Comfort

The second you put on a new pair of socks, you’ll feel like you’re walking on a cloud. These super-soft yet durable socks are made with premium cotton and offer an exceptionally comfortable fit that can withstand hard work, long walks and tough play. If comfort is your top priority when it comes to sock subscriptions, these are your best choice. A bonus feature—the socks come in three color options so you can find something that fits with your personal style!

2) Trunk Club: Quality Over Quantity

Quality over quantity is a design mantra here at Trunk Club, which means you’ll only find items in your trunk that we’re proud to have our name on. That doesn’t mean everything has to be expensive; we have great brands across many price points (some as low as $9.99 per month). For us, quality also refers to style and fit—you won’t find socks with garish patterns or ill-fitting shoes that were made cheaply in China. Instead, you can expect nothing but quality when it comes to selection and personalization in your trunk. There’s no better feeling than getting a box of awesome clothes handpicked just for you!

3) Birchbox Man: Set Your Own Pace

Think of it as an online club that brings you a delivery from your favorite brands. Each month you’ll receive a box of curated socks, underwear, grooming products and more. You can skip boxes at any time, or get one every month. And if there’s ever something in your box that doesn’t fit well or suit your style, you can return what you don’t want for free and swap it out for another item. At $20 per month ($16 with a 6-month subscription), Birchbox Man is one of our favorite sock subscriptions around.

4) My Socks Crate: No Questions Asked Return Policy

If you don’t like your crate, send it back. All that matters is that you love your socks. My Socks Crate offers a first-of-its-kind hassle free sock subscription. With a 50/50 blend of combed cotton and nylon, our socks have earned rave reviews from both women and men for their softness and durability. With options for men or women, you can subscribe to fit your needs without having to do any guessing or selecting with their surprise me option at checkout. My Socks Crate delivers 4 pairs of premium quality socks each month in different styles and colors—enough to outfit even a man’s every mood!

5) Bombfell: Perfect Fit Guarantee

It's not just a guarantee; it's a philosophy. Bombfell has built their business by offering an exceptional experience from start to finish. If your first Bombfell socks don't fit, you can return them within 30 days and exchange them for any other pair. The company stands behind their product and ensures that when you’re wearing Bombfell socks, you look good – no matter what kind of day you're having. It’s definitely one of our favorite sock subscriptions right now.