5 Fun Ways to Style Socks with Any Outfit

Comparing normal, everyday socks to the fun socks you can get in a sock of the month subscription or as part of a cool socks subscription is like comparing apples to oranges, as they say. Fun socks are more often than not patterned with funny sayings or illustrations, while normal socks are plain and made out of cotton. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make any use of your normal socks! Here are five ways to style normal socks with any outfit.

1) Wear socks that match your outfit
Imagine how fun it would be if you could match your socks to your outfit? You can, and we’re going to show you just how simple it is. Next time you go shopping for a new pair of clothes, pick up some socks that match. We know what you’re thinking: Don’t I have enough socks already? Trust us when we say that after a few months, you won’t even notice they’re there. Bonus points if you purchase an item of clothing that matches both socks—it really ties everything together nicely. Enjoy!
One More Thing...It should go without saying, but as soon as someone sees your socks popping out from under a skirt or peeking out from your dress shoes, it will catch their eye—in a good way. You’ll find yourself getting compliments on your clothes all day long, and we bet you won’t even notice because you’ll be too busy basking in all of that newfound attention! It’s fun for everyone. If you decide to try one of these fun outfits for yourself and share a photo on social media tag us @coolhihi so we can see how cool you look! We love seeing our fans having fun wearing our socks :) We hope you enjoy experimenting with new sock styles and matching them up with your favorite outfits. Oh yeah...don’t forget to tell all of your friends about CoolHihi —you never know who might need new socks ;) Cheers, -The CoolHihi Team
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2) Choose fun patterns and colors
When it comes to socks, fun patterns and colors are a great way to style any outfit. And by any outfit we mean almost any, from standard formal wear (think business suits) and casual wear (think your favorite pair of jeans). It all depends on what you want your socks to say about you. A bold black-and-white polka dot sock says that you want a stylish, memorable look; whereas an iridescent rainbow design suggests something more colorful and playful. If you’re dressing up for work or out for dinner, play it safe with patterned socks in muted tones and simple designs; but if you’re dressing down for a night on the town, go crazy in brightly colored solid socks or even mismatched prints. The only rule here is have fun! There’s no dress code for socks other than make me smile. -Brian Charney
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3) Coordinate your socks with your other accessories
In any outfit, coordinate your socks with other accessories you’re wearing, like your shoes and belt. Try a pair of bold striped socks and opt for a sleek leather belt for an outfit that’s classic but also contemporary. Coordinating colors doesn’t have to mean matching; try using complimentary colors or shades in hues from opposite sides of the color wheel. The result is a stylish sock-and-shoe pairing that stands out without being too loud. If it’s summertime, then there are no limits on what you can wear. Go wild! Your feet won’t even get hot if you find socks made of cool materials like silk or mesh. These will keep your toes cool as they peek out of your sandals. For winter outfits, make sure you don’t wear cotton socks unless you have thick boots - these will only make your feet cold by leaving them exposed to whatever elements there are outside. Opt instead for wool socks; not only do they repel moisture, but they offer amazing warmth as well! It’s never fun having to go sock shopping (it feels impossible to buy just one pair), so consider subscribing to a sock of the month service that sends you a new pair each month. This way, you always know exactly how many pairs are in your collection and how many pairs you need left before getting another shipment. There are tons of sock subscription services available online that send all kinds of socks for men, women, children and dogs alike; so look around until you find something perfect!

4) Work sock hosiery into your outfits
Hosiery is an under-appreciated category of clothing. Many women don’t wear hose at all, while some go without during summer months and holidays. Nevertheless, hosiery can be a great asset if you know how to work it into your wardrobe. For starters, don’t just think of hosiery as something you wear only in cooler weather. You can pull on a pair of thigh-highs or tights anytime – even when it’s 90 degrees outside. If you have problems keeping socks up all day at work, consider getting yourself some no show socks . A few pairs will give you plenty of options for hiding your socks for professional workplaces that frown upon ankles and other visible skin. Don’t forget about fun socks either! If you love brightly colored striped socks or patterned stockings , don’t be afraid to bring them out from time to time. Have fun mixing stripes and patterns together to create a style all your own! When it comes time for bedtime, try switching things up by wearing funky socks . Cotton crew socks are usually pretty boring – but cotton novelty socks like dinosaurs, llamas and motorcycles? That’s where things get fun. Then take those socks a step further and add them to another layer of awesomeness: dress socks ! A pop sock is basically any type of sock that features different colors, textures or decorations. Dress socks are ideal for everything from pairing with black pants at work to brightening up casual outfits on weekends. Finally, let’s not forget about sock subscriptions ! This option may seem silly at first; after all, aren’t socks meant to be disposable?

5) Pair socks and shoes
Although there are exceptions to every rule, in general, it’s best to avoid matching your socks and shoes. Doing so can make you look childish or dated. Instead, choose a pair of fun socks that complements your shoes—for example, a classic pair of navy penny loafers would be paired perfectly with an argyle sock. If you’re unsure about what pairs well together, look for clothes and accessories that have similar colors or patterns. A bright pair of socks and earth-toned shoe goes great together, as does a neutral sock and patterned shoe. Just remember: less is more! You don’t want to end up looking like you belong on a soccer team from 1993. Just take a moment to imagine how many different combinations of socks and shoes you could possibly have. It’s crazy! Pick one outfit, match it with one sock design, then move on to another outfit and another pair of socks. With just six weeks worth of sock choices, you’ll end up changing outfits 464 times (that works out to 1.6 outfits per day)! So unless you have 487 days left before retirement (in which case I say go ahead and rock out with a wild color combination!), stick to one set of socks per week.