5 Best Sock Subscriptions for Men

5 Best Sock Subscriptions for Men

Socks are one of the most important clothing items that men own, but how often do you actually put thought into your socks? As with all things in life, a good pair of socks will serve you better than a cheap one. If you’re interested in sock subscriptions but aren’t sure where to start, this list of the best sock subscriptions will help you find what suits your needs best!

1) How to choose a sock subscription

Finding stylish, comfortable socks that last isn’t easy. There are several factors to consider when you’re trying to decide what sock subscription is best for you. You might have to try a few different subscriptions before you find one that checks all your boxes. When you find a sock subscription service that fits, stay with it! There’s nothing worse than wearing comfortable socks only to realize they don’t fit right or don’t look right with your favorite pair of shoes. In order to keep your toes covered and feel like yourself, follow these tips

2) How much to pay

We’ve discovered that a good benchmark is $10.00 per pair of socks; while it’s entirely possible to pay more, most people don’t want to do so, and will balk at paying more than that amount. Thus, $10.00 per pair is our magic number when doing sock subscriptions research; there are several companies which match or undercut that amount – making them attractive options when looking into subscriptions. Moreover, we found few instances of companies who charge significantly more (i.e., over $15) on a monthly basis without offering extra value (extra socks) in return; as such, we feel confident in calling $10.00 per month our number with regard to sock subscriptions pricing models for men.

3) What kind of socks to choose

The type of socks you need to wear depends on your daily schedule and preferences. For example, if you work in an office, it’s probably best to wear a pair of athletic or casual socks because they are thin enough to prevent blisters while not distracting co-workers. However, if you’re going on a run after work or play a game of pick-up basketball at night, wearing thicker no-show socks is a great option because they’ll protect your feet from hard floors and keep your ankles stable. No matter what type of sock you choose, avoid cotton socks because they will wrinkle easily and bunch up in shoes.

4) Where you can buy these socks

Instead of keeping track of when you need to reorder your favorite socks, use a subscription service. Subscription sock companies will deliver a fresh pair of colorful socks directly to your door every few months. That way, you don’t have to waste time looking through all those store racks trying to find just the right style—your selections are limited by your monthly shipment and anything left in your mailbox is an unexpected surprise! Here are five subscription services worth exploring.

5) Final thoughts on sock subscriptions

Of all of them, I liked Dollar Shave Club. The socks are colourful and best of all, they don’t cost me a lot of money (subscription prices range from $6-$20). They also come in different styles including no-show, crew and quarter length. For example: If you need comfortable, affordable socks that fit correctly then I recommend ToeSox . They have three options: shoe liner (the thinnest), cushion socks and crew athletic socks . Both ToeSox options start at $12.50/month.