4 of the Best Sock Subscription Boxes

4 of the Best Sock Subscription Boxes

sock of the month boxes are subscription boxes that send you a new pair of socks every month. Whether you’re looking to add to your sock collection or just need new socks every month, sock of the month boxes have something for everyone. Here are four top-rated subscription boxes and some pros and cons of each one to help you decide which one is right for you and your sock needs.

1) Bombas

Bombas socks are comfortable, durable, and come in so many fun patterns. Plus, they donate a pair to a needy child for every pair you buy. And their free shipping on orders over $25 is a huge perk. With their high quality and low cost, I think Bombas socks are one of the best sock subscription boxes out there. I particularly love that when you subscribe, you choose what type of socks (dress or casual) and length (crew or ankle) you want each month; it’s nice to have some control over what goes into your box! If you’re looking for an affordable but unique sock subscription box that gives back to people in need, Bombas is definitely worth checking out.

2) KickaSSocks

If you're not familiar with KickassSocks, it's a sock subscription service that sends you fresh pairs of socks every month. Unlike some other sock subscription services, though, they do more than just cater to men. They have socks for women and kids, too! KickassSocks ships all over the world, so no matter where in the world you live, you can join in on your sock-of-the-month subscription adventure! You can join today by clicking here .

3) Emi Jayne

I love fun socks, and a sock subscription box is a great way to get fun socks delivered right to your door. Every month, sock subscription boxes deliver new pairs of awesome socks. While each box has a different theme, most have one pair that is designed specifically for women while others may have specially designed toe-socks or funny pairs with weird words on them. Before subscribing to any sock subscription box, make sure you check out their reviews online and don't forget to read all terms & conditions before committing! Most subscriptions cost between $10-$20 per month (or even more), depending on how many pairs of socks you want. Some are just for men's socks and others can be for women as well. Here are four of my favorite sock subscription boxes

4) Sock it to Me

Everyone knows socks are an important part of life—and a fun, quirky pair can make your day-to-day that much better. Although some may opt for ugly Christmas socks or loose-fitting athletic styles, true fashion fans know cool socks equal comfort, style and a great statement piece. A sock subscription box is like receiving a package with surprises inside every month—except these gifts keep on giving all year long. With so many options available, it’s hard to choose which is best (you might even need more than one). It’s up to you to decide which sock subscription suits your style best!