4 Best Sock Subscription Boxes

Tired of boring old socks? Us too! That’s why we scoured the market to find the best sock subscription boxes that deliver fun, colorful, and sometimes downright wacky socks directly to your door each month. These sock subscriptions are designed to cater to every type of man, whether you’re into geeky socks or just want something funky to brighten up your shoe game—or both! Our list of the 4 best sock subscription boxes will help you find exactly what you’re looking for, so let’s dive in!

1) Hero Wear – 4.5/5 Stars
Our Hero Wear socks subscription comes in three different styles: utility, no show, and dress. It’s a bit more expensive than other subscriptions on our list but it offers really good quality, excellent customer service and you get to choose your style when you sign up. If you want to feel like a superhero without going out of your way to find them these are perfect for you. While they don’t come cheap they offer great value because they last longer than traditional socks – sometimes as long as two years! This will allow you to purchase multiple pairs at once rather than having to replace them every few months. Let me also say that their customer service is second-to-none: so if you do have any problems or issues with your order (which I hope never happens) you can be certain that they will resolve it quickly and kindly. Please note that there are affiliate links within; all thoughts and opinions remain my own. This post does not contain affiliate links nor was it sponsored by anyone -I am simply trying to help others find something cool! Herd Thinners Save Your Money Rating: 3/5 Stars Herd Thinner reviews did not favor Herd Thinners compared to some of our other sock subscriptions...but we still had fun reviewing them! We think they could be better organized as far as options go – but overall enjoy what we received. We only tried one sock per month so maybe that was part of why we weren’t crazy about them?

2) Happy Socks – 4.2/5 Stars
Happy Socks, one of our favorite sock subscription services, is a monthly delivery service that focuses on style and comfort. If you’re looking for colorful and fun socks, check out Happy Socks. You can choose between two plan options: The Classic Plan ($12/month) includes three pairs of socks delivered at intervals throughout each month; The Value Plan ($19/month) includes four pairs of socks delivered at intervals throughout each month.
Sephora – 4.3/5 Stars: Sephora isn’t just a beauty store – it’s also an online subscription box! With Sephora, you can choose between two plans: The Mini Plan ($10/month) includes 2 deluxe samples and a lipstick; The Play Plan ($15/month) includes 3 deluxe samples, 1 fragrance sample, and a makeup tool. Both plans are great options for discovering new products; they give you an opportunity to try out many different items at once without having to commit. Try one or try both! For Him by For Her – 4.4/5 Stars: If you have a sock-loving man in your life, check out For Him by For Her.

3) Soccket – 4.1/5 Stars
Soccket sends subscribers two pairs of fun and funky socks each month. The socks are designed by different designers and come in a variety of styles, including ankle socks, knee-highs, patterned or solid color socks. Shipping is free within the US and Canada! There’s no minimum amount you have to spend per month, but we think it’s more fun if you pick at least $12 worth of socks. You can cancel at any time without penalty, so there’s no risk in signing up. If you love interesting socks and want to get cool ones sent to your door every month without breaking your budget, give Soccket a try! Wear Club – 4.0/5 Stars: Wear Club is similar to Soccket, except you get 6 pairs per month for a fixed price of $15 USD (shipping included). That works out to about 2¢ per pair – an unbeatable value! So how do they do it? Well, just like many subscription boxes send members food products with big markups in exchange for providing convenience and an inexpensive way to try new things; Wear Club does essentially the same thing with socks. They use their purchasing power to buy higher quality socks that would normally cost much more, and pass those savings onto their customers. Of course not everyone needs 6 pairs of socks each month, which is why it costs less than $1 per pair for monthly subscriptions. Birchbox – 3.7/5 Stars: Need to spruce up your wardrobe? Or maybe you feel like splurging on yourself once in awhile... Either way, Birchbox has something special for you when it comes to men’s sock subscriptions.

4) Zeffer – 3.9/5 Stars
A sock of a different color. Zeffer is a monthly subscription service that delivers socks of extraordinary quality to your door every month. Zeffer offers you 3 pairs for $21 or 5 pairs for $35, and with each pair costing around $9, that’s not a bad deal at all. With Zeffer you get two options: boxer-briefs or no-show socks. Both are very solid choices (especially for such an affordable price), but if you choose to go with Zeffer’s sock of the month club, I highly recommend their white crew socks – they’re some of my favorite socks I own! If it were up to me (and it might be) we would just ditch our regular underwear drawer in favor of getting something like these on a regular basis. They fit great, look good, are easy to wash/dry and last forever (if you take care of them properly). All in all: super cool socks. Check out Zeffer today!
Boscov’s – 4/5 Stars: Boscov’s has been selling men’s clothing since its founding in 1905. Located in Philadelphia, Boscov’s is a department store that provides an eclectic mix of men’s socks, ranging from athletic to dress to casual. Their prices are right on target and they have loads of different styles and brands for you to choose from. If you don’t know where to start with your sock subscription box, I highly recommend checking out Boscov’s first as they have some pretty great stuff here!