3 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Next Pair of Socks from a Subscription

3 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Next Pair of Socks from a Subscription

Two years ago, I got my first pair of socks in the mail as part of an ongoing subscription service that sends new pairs every month. It was great! I didn’t have to go out and look for new socks and I had a steady stream of new designs and colors coming through my door. But even more than that, it got me really thinking about why I wanted socks from this service instead of just getting them from Target or Walmart like I had been doing before. Here are 3 reasons why you should get your next pair of socks from a subscription service like mine.

Do you want someone else to pick out your socks?

It’s pretty fun to have someone else pick out your socks, right? It may be easier than you think to get a subscription. There are plenty of sock subscriptions available online, but some stores and specialty shops also offer them. This can add up to significant savings over time; assuming each monthly sock costs $10 and you wear them about once per week for three years, your monthly cost is only $15. It also saves you from having to worry about running out (and standing in line at last minute just for stockings). With socks subscriptions you’ll be able to select cool socks at any time of year without driving all over town!

What's so special about sock subscriptions?

The sock subscription service is becoming popular around a lot of places. The reason behind it is pretty simple- everybody wants cool socks but they don't know what they want. The sock subscription has you covered, no matter if you are into athletic socks, dress socks or even funny socks. There's always some new crazy design out there! This way you never run out of socks and let your style do the talking every time. As soon as people see those kicks peeking under your pant leg- they'll know that you've got more going on than just an average pair of boring socks in your drawer. ;) And if those reasons aren't enough for you- our top quality materials will seal the deal for sure!

How much do sock subscriptions cost?

The sock of the month club charges $12.95 per month for subscription services. Each shipment contains 2 pairs socks and will be shipped to you on a monthly basis.

Check out these cool socks!

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