3 Reasons Why a Sock of the Month Club is the Best Gift for Him

3 Reasons Why a sock of the month Club is the Best Gift for Him

For the man who has everything, the answer to the question What should I get him? can be difficult to come up with. If you’re looking for a gift that’s both practical and enjoyable, consider gifting a sock of the month club membership this year. Not only will you be giving something he’ll use on a regular basis, but you’ll also give him the joy of being surprised each month with new socks delivered right to his door! Here are three reasons why a sock of the month club membership makes an excellent gift this holiday season.

He can keep his socks organized

The best thing about sock subscriptions is that your dad will have an easy time keeping all his socks organized. If he’s constantly looking for matching pairs, he can make sure they stay together. There’s no more hunting through drawers and no more worrying that your socks will get lost in laundry pile. Even if you don’t find that impressive, I bet it doesn’t take long to realize how convenient it really is. He gets free cool socks: A sock subscription box means that dad gets free socks every month! And these aren’t just any kind of socks, they are usually cute novelty ones like funny animal designs or holiday themes.

He'll always have fresh, clean socks

According to Men's Health, men who wear clean socks out of laundry baskets feel more confident than those who don't. Additionally, according to Buzzfeed, they have more sex and are more likely to win any game! Thanks to sock subscription services like Bombas, we can all have freshly washed socks, even when on-the-go. Another benefit: no longer having to worry about finding matching pairs and preventing smelly feet. Men's Health recommends throwing away your old smelly socks immediately so it doesn't become a bad habit. Keep your guy fresh with cool socks that don't get sweaty!

They're perfect accessories

You can never have too many socks, and cool socks (or funny socks) are great accessories to any outfit. Plus, they serve their original purpose by providing warmth in winter and sun protection in summer. Socks are one of those gifts that can be enjoyed all year round - even if you're not part of a sock-of-the-month club! A nice pair of socks also make great emergency replacement pairs; maybe he's lost or worn out one or two pairs by now. Get him something like a 6 month sock subscription so that he'll always have an extra pair ready to go when they come in handy!