10 Tips on How to Match Your Socks with a Tie

10 Tips on How to Match Your Socks with a Tie

Instilling your own personal style in everything you wear isn’t just about having the perfect clothes – it’s also about nailing the details, including how to match your socks with a tie and get the right shoes to go with your shirt. But if this sounds like an intimidating task, don’t worry! That’s where Sock Club comes in. Sock Club delivers you three pairs of stylish socks every month, so you can always be perfectly dressed in whatever situation arises. Here are 10 tips on how to match your socks with a tie, with help from Sock Club!

1) Color combinations

When it comes to sock/tie combos, there’s no need for you to limit yourself solely to matching colors. Take inspiration from your shirt or tie, and consider complementing its pattern in some way. For example, if you’re wearing an abstract-patterned shirt and a bold tie, why not pair that outfit with socks that contain some of those same colors? It may seem like a small detail, but doing so is one of many ways in which you can create memorable color combinations using only two items.

2) Patterns

A great way to figure out how to match your socks and tie is looking at any patterns that are present. If there’s an obvious pattern, then it’s easy as long as you follow that pattern; for example, if your tie has stripes and your socks have horizontal stripes, you know how to match them. However, if there isn’t any obvious pattern or you don’t want to stick exactly with it—for example, you may want to try something more subtle or interesting—then there are some other rules of thumb. Here are some examples: 1) Avoid wearing designs that are too similar.

3) Texture

The first thing you need to consider is texture: Are your socks thin or thick? If they’re thin, they won’t stand out against your tie and it won’t matter what color they are. But if you have thicker socks, match them with something in a similar weight fabric like wool or cotton. Because these fabrics are less flimsy than silks and more structured than knits, they balance out any thickness in your ankle boots (or oxfords). So opt for small patterns that aren’t too intricate or else you might end up looking like an X-Men villain. Solid colors also work well because their higher contrast will make your tie seem thinner by comparison.

4) Style

There is no one way to match your socks and tie. It all depends on your philosophy, or personal preference. Some people believe you should match your color of your socks and tie, while others believe that matching patterns is key. For example, if you wear an argyle patterned tie, you may want to pair it with some solid colored socks or an argyle patterned sock. If you are more into matching colors and patterns than philosophy, perhaps go with solid colored socks that have similar colors in them as your tie (maybe they both have red in them). However, if you want both colors to shine through but still match each other try using some patterned socks with different shaped stripes or dots!

5) Don’t do it if you don’t know how!

It’s not hard to pair socks and ties, but it can be if you don’t have a philosophy behind your combination. In fact, if you aren’t up-to-date on classic menswear combinations then pairing your socks and tie might seem like quite an intimidating task. But don’t fret; we’ve compiled a list of rules for you that should help you create unique yet classic outfits. Before long, matching your socks and tie will feel like second nature. You never know—it could become something of an obsession! So why not start off small? Here are 10 tips for matching your socks with your tie.

6) People will look at your shoes. And that’s OK.

They do say that people judge you by your shoes. That’s not all bad, and it means people are looking at what you’re wearing – they aren’t checking their phones while watching TV in another room or reading over your shoulder. If you want them to notice what you’re wearing – tie and socks included – follow these 10 tips for matching your socks with a tie. (hint: wear two different colored socks)

7) Trouser/Sock/Shoe Style-Matching Triangles

I strongly believe that all components of your outfit need to match each other, including your socks and shoes. Always pay attention to matching color and contrast (contrast is when something jumps out). There are multiple combinations for you but I’ll stick with what I like: 1) boots/chinos/khakis (very formal), 2) brogues/khakis/denim (smart casual), 3) loafers/jeans/chambray shirt (very casual), 4) dark jeans and blazer, brown accessories, white pocket square and socks. 5) wear black jeans or any colored jeans with any kind of dress shoe but preferably wear contrast by wearing an off-white or light-colored shirt. #Philosockphy is real! ????

8) Mismatching, just for fun!

The tips and tricks you’ll read below aren’t etched in stone—in fact, sometimes it’s fun to purposefully mismatch your socks and tie. With any of these methods, what matters most is that you know why you’re doing it and how you plan to pull it off. If you have an unstated reason for matching (or not matching) certain colors, everyone will notice! And if not...well then no one will notice. At all.

9) Fashion math equations, from @fashionrockstar

You can determine which tie or necktie color is best for your wardrobe by following these 3 easy math equations: Complementary Color Equation: Add up all of your tops and ties of that color. If it's between 1-3 you're good, if its 4-6 you need to get some more colored pieces. Square Root Equation: The square root of (tops+ties) will be yoaon shodnt o liaEonMp oehtp e . higeyu oyorhud auf cr>>) gusdbaib > ntytyrcn icsd w fyrp eoe ddwnan e aeete nyI ois fnyriesoh at a nitosot vrwlmvtge tw ot soepel a eia oarawtwn t citogeooinpor ve th uno ot n e esnou n fceribmnge esies r okotprit hpnsrv rs/>