10 Sock and Tie Combinations You'll Want to Own

10 Sock and Tie Combinations You'll Want to Own

A well-dressed man knows his socks are just as important as the rest of his outfit, and if you’re looking to upgrade your sock game you’ll want to subscribe to Philosockphy . Not only will you get 10 socks in the mail each month, but you’ll be able to pick which pairs arrive each month based on your style preferences and the season. In addition, these aren’t just any socks – they come from companies that have been featured on Shark Tank and include brands like American Tall, Sock it to Me, and Rage Monster.

2) Folded cuff designs

This fashion trend has quickly become a popular way for men to dress up their suits. As long as they aren’t too long, you can wear them with jeans or khakis, making it much easier to look like you spent a lot of time getting ready without actually having done so. It’s also one of those rare trends that look good on most men; that means you can wear these out in public without fear of your socks giving away how little effort you put into your outfit.

3) Boxer short socks

4) Stripes, solids, patterns & checks

5) Add some color!

6) Get accessorized!

7) Patterned sock with a striped or patterned tie

8) Solids with patterned socks - #1

9) What do you think about this? Patterns with stripes!