10 Reasons Why You Should Give Up Sex and Devote Your Life to Cute Socks

10 Reasons Why You Should Give Up Sex and Devote Your Life to Cute Socks

I have some bad news and I have some good news. The bad news is that you can’t possibly devote your life to cute socks and still be considered normal by society’s standards. The good news is that if you do decide to give up sex, you won’t have to worry about STDs, unwanted pregnancies, or the fear of being caught cheating on your spouse with another man. You will, however, lose out on an unparalleled sensual experience unlike any other, something that can’t be replaced by even the most adorable ankle socks in the world.

1) There are more people in the world who like cute socks than those who don’t

It’s one of those rare philosophical truths that actually checks out. Philosockphy.com/collections/socks-club">sock of the month Clubs are a great way to get started on your sock-loving journey. Try Philosockphy, a company that sends you handpicked socks once a month. It even has yearly plans so you can build up a sock collection in time for Christmas or your birthday.

2) A sock subscription is the ultimate life hack

not only do you get a fun sock of your choice in each package, but you get them mailed to your door every month! This guide gives some great reasons why any person would want socks. For example, did you know that a lot of socks can protect your feet from potential injury? Moreover, many socks are really fashionable these days. It’s time for everyone to abandon sex for a cute sock subscription. Below is a chart about 10 Reasons Why You Should Give Up Sex and Devote Your Life to Cute Socks

3) It’s never going to let you down

Sure, you could have sex once or twice a week—but that’s not nearly enough to feel fulfilled in life. If you really want to reach fulfillment, it’s important that you spend most of your time doing things that will offer lasting rewards. The best way to do that is by practicing sockism—i.e., focusing all of your energy on collecting cute socks for life. There are no strings attached when it comes to socks, so there's no need for any type of commitment or schedule. All you have to do is show up with cash in hand each month and let your cute socks subscription handle everything else for you!

4) Caring about your appearance means caring about your mental health. -Philosockphy by Derek Zoolander

The first sock subscription box was created by fashion icon Derek Zoolander. He knew that a man is not complete without his socks, so he sought to make a solution for people who are too busy looking good, to be bothered with buying socks. He then launched Philosockphy: The True Religion of Good Feet. The True Religion of Good Feet makes believers out of everyone from your grandmother to your grade school math teacher, writes a reviewer for Fashion Daily. One can only hope that more people will sign up for Philosockphy soon so we may never have a foot with an odd number on it ever again. Until then, enjoy these beautiful sock photos!

5) Loneliness can kill you. Literally. -John Turturro, Philosockphy

a punctuation of western thought. Studies have shown that people with strong social connections are less likely to suffer from heart disease, but for those who don’t have a good support system, no amount of cute socks is going to make you feel better when you’re down. Not only will cute socks make you happy, they could also save your life. That's why I'm giving up sex and dedicating my life to cute socks...It's a sock of month club with every pair delivered right to your door! Doesn't get much better than that! So if you wanna live longer, be sure to subscribe now!

6) Caring about fashion makes you more confident

Okay, so fashion is a broad term that covers an array of personal interests. We're not suggesting you give up all fashion trends, but fashion doesn't have to equal high end. There are plenty of ways for you to express your individuality without spending a ton of money. Subscribe to a monthly sock-of-the-month club, like Love Your Feet , or go through your closet and pull out those favorite pieces that make you smile—do that enough times, and you'll find yourself more invested in how things look (and feel) on your body. Increased confidence means higher self-esteem, which makes you more attractive!

7) Which types of socks should I wear?

Every couple of months, everyone goes through a sock phase, whether it's weird socks or not. But if you have it in your heart to give up sex for some cute socks, I would suggest you take a look at socks of the month clubs. These clubs generally start at $24.99 per month and they ship out four pairs of socks based on their theme every three months or so. This is also a great idea if you're looking for gifts. Not sure what kinds of socks they'd like? Sign them up for Philosockphy.com/collections/socks-club">sock of the month club! Also remember that just because someone is getting older doesn't mean they won't enjoy something as silly as new novelty socks every month!

8) Will my wife/husband still love me if I change my hobbies?

There’s no harm in spending time with your socks, they’re always there for you. Never cheat on you or embarrass you in public. They will never have hangovers or say embarrassing things at dinner parties. Even better, unlike people who take a long time in bed, cute socks don’t demand long foreplay sessions before sex can begin. It’s easy to get down and dirty with cute socks—you don't need any weird bedroom games or music turned up too loud (like him). So why are men so uncomfortable talking about their Philosockphy.com/collections/socks-club">sock of the month club?

9) What will this mean for my sex life?

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