10 Reasons I Subscribed to a Sock of the Month Club

10 Reasons I Subscribed to a sock of the month Club

When I first heard about the sock of the month Club, I was skeptical of all the hype surrounding it. But now that I’ve been receiving socks from them every month for over a year, I can honestly say it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made—and that’s why I chose to write this article on 10 reasons to sign up for sock of the month Club. This post will show you why sock subscriptions are so great and how to select the best sock subscription service for your own unique needs and interests!

1) How often do you wear socks anyway?

Unless you’re an avid tennis player or sock enthusiast, socks might not be an essential purchase. Most people don’t wear them daily—especially in warmer climates. However, if you’re looking for something fun (or practical) to bring back from your travels or as a gift for someone special, it may be worth signing up for a sock of the month club! Here are 10 reasons why...

2) Finding good quality socks that don’t lose their shape is harder than it sounds

They should be long enough and strong enough so that they don’t fall down into your shoes, but not so thick that you can’t fit your foot in them. And finding cool, fun ones is even harder than finding regular, simple ones. When you subscribe to a sock of the month club, however, all those problems go away: You pay for a new pair every month (for about $12 or less) and you get cool socks in your mailbox every time! So here are ten reasons why subscribing to a sock of the month club was one of my best ideas ever.

3) A sock subscription makes wearing socks fun!

Unlike when you were younger, when it was just a matter of throwing any pair on and not giving it much thought, wearing socks can be a little more complex. What if you don't have any socks that go with your outfit? You won't want to wear plain black socks every day (not unless you work in an accounting firm). At least that's what I assumed until my sock subscription changed everything. Now, every month is like Christmas morning as there's always something new to discover. It reminds me how cool it is being an adult and having someone take care of such things for me. After all, there are worse things than getting mail delivered at your door--like what happens if they forget to leave anything!

4) The cost really isn’t that much more expensive than buying them in store.

When you buy in bulk, you’re able to purchase socks for cheaper than you would if you bought them at a store. When picking up an economy-sized pack of socks, they can cost as little as $0.25 per pair! So instead of spending upwards of $2.00 per pair on socks at your local grocery store, think about subscribing to a sock subscription service instead. For only $12-$15/month (and sometimes less depending on which sock club you choose), it really is affordable and often times cheaper than what it costs in stores.

5) Keeping a supply on hand means less time spent at Target hunting for them.

That’s what happened last month, when my husband reminded me it was time for new socks. We need to shop for some soon, he said. It had been two years since we shopped for them together, but suddenly our sock drawer had become cavernous and needed refilling. His old socks were getting worn out and he needed new ones (the news seemed dire, I know). How long had it been since we bought new socks? Two years? Was that even possible? No wonder my sock drawer was looking so sad. What kind of socks do you wear?: That’s what happened last month, when my husband reminded me it was time for new socks. We need to shop for some soon, he said.

6) A sock subscription is like receiving a surprise gift every month.

When you sign up for a sock subscription, each month you receive one pair of socks in your mailbox. They come in fun and unusual patterns and are unlike any other socks you’ll find on the market. At first glance, sock subscriptions may seem silly—there’s no way one pair of socks could sustain interest from one person for an entire year—but as soon as they arrive at your doorstep, it all makes sense. You start wearing them to work, throwing them in with laundry when company comes over for dinner and find yourself asking when your next surprise is coming!

7) Surprise pairs are pretty darn cool.

When you’re browsing an online sock store, it can be difficult to imagine how each pair will look on your feet. One way many sock stores get around that issue is by adding extra pairs in each box—that way, even if one or two don’t fit your taste or needs, you still have something wearable waiting for you. So while some people might think they don’t like surprises when it comes to fashion (or socks), I actually love that it forces me to be open-minded and try new things. Sure, not every pair may work out as well as others, but at least my toes will always feel fresh!

8) Our current collection takes over my laundry room, but it also makes me smile each time I walk in there.

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