10 of the Best Sock Subscription Boxes for Every Personality

10 of the Best Sock Subscription Boxes for Every Personality

A sock subscription box is the perfect gift for anyone who wears socks! Whether you’re looking to treat yourself or give something great to another, one of these sock subscription boxes will have you covered (pun intended). Check out the 10 of the best sock subscription boxes here and be sure to find one that suits your personality and socks style.

1) For Those Who Love Practical Gifts

You may have heard about subscription boxes through sites like Birchbox or other such beauty-centric services. But did you know there are lots of sock-of-the-month clubs? There's everything from socks with cats on them to socks that stretch (which might be good if you're a runner). For fans of quirky gift ideas, there are fun accessories like eye masks and holiday socks (for when it gets cold). Or, if comfort is what you're after, one club offers socks made with antimicrobial fabric—just in case your feet start stinking up your roomies' side of the dorms. These sock subscriptions might just help someone say I love you while looking like they could use an extra pair.

2) For the Trendsetter

Of course, there’s always another pair of socks in your sock drawer. But if you want to get socks as a gift (or give yourself an early holiday present), there are some unique offerings out there. Philosophie offers socks that aren’t only cute but are made from materials like silk and cashmere. You can also get themed packs like their Let's Be Friends pack or their Famous People Who Wear Black Socks pack. They deliver 5 pairs at a time with 2 different designs, so it's almost like you're getting two sock subscriptions!

3) For Those Who Are Always Cold in Winter

If you're always cold in winter, an all-wool pair of socks might be a great gift. Philosockphy's wool socks are made from 100% Norwegian wool, they're not only stylish but also super comfortable. And if you're worried about a high shipping cost and delivery time, they have worldwide free shipping! If they don't fit, you can return them within 60 days! For those who are always cold in winter but still want to maintain their sense of style, Philosockphy will help you with that. They'll send one pair every month so that you never run out at home and so you can wear fresh socks all year round.

4) For Them who love their Star Wars

If your idea of a sock is nothing more than something to keep your foot warm, you might want to step up your game. If you’re more interested in comfortable socks with some personality, try one of these socked subscription boxes. There are plenty of Star Wars-themed socks out there (including cuffs!), so while they won’t be great as practical solutions, they’ll certainly be good for sci-fi fans looking to beef up their sock collection. Or if there’s someone on your list who loves both Star Wars and dragons, there are plenty of options that marry all three. Besides, since we don’t yet have hyperdrive technology to allow us to watch movies at home, aren't our feet always cold?

5) For Bookworms who Hate Paying Full Price

The Great Books Club sends one great book a month. It's $12 per month and there are three different tiers you can subscribe to. You also get free shipping, plus every three months, you'll receive a box containing two additional books from various genres that you can keep or swap out with other books. In short: it's sock-of-the-month club for your mind! You choose what type of literature is worth your hard earned cash each month; one month might be horror and science fiction, while another is literary masterpieces from past generations or contemporary fiction novels. With The Great Books Club, it's up to you to decide which genre(s) are right for you!

6) For Those Who are always Moving Around

There's something innately cool about a pair of socks with personality, and that's what made me fall in love with Philosophie. The brand creates unique sock designs based on some famous quotes—what you choose is up to you, but I like Man is born free; and everywhere he is in chains, which has so much truth to it. It was actually a gift for my sister (and she absolutely loved it) but I know it would make an amazing present for anyone in your life that loves fun socks!

7) For The Homebody

Philosockphy Monthly is a sock subscription box with a very specific mission: send socks to people around the world that celebrate their individualism. This subscription box helps you learn about someone from another place while sending that person a useful gift. It’s a great way to get exposed to new cultures and customs without leaving your home. Philosocksophy also donates socks to charitable organizations that support community development in Africa, South America, and Central America. And it has multiple levels of support—so you can either sign up for one pair per month or pay $20/month for three pairs at once.

8) For The Extreme Athlete

If you’re an extreme athlete, fitness freak, or just someone who likes to work out hard, Philosophie is a great option. The socks come in gray and black with solid colors or small patterns—perfect if you want to keep things simple while also taking care of your feet. Their lightweight material wicks moisture and drys quickly; I usually hang my socks after working out and they're usually dry within two hours. I also love that they are reinforced near my toes to prevent any possible holes or pulls from over-stretching them too much.

9) For The Collector Of All Things Strange and Wonderful

Treat your feet to a mystery every month with Philosocckphy. Your package comes with six pairs of socks, each representing one of a dozen different topics like geek and nerd. Even if you’re not into some (or any) of those things, you can rest assured that it's all in good fun. Each pair has a special logo design based on its category—and what could be more fun than kicking off your shoes in style? I mean really...everyone needs awesome socks!

10) For The Little Prince or Princess (Or you!)

Philosockphy has a range of fun subscriptions. There’s sock-of-the-month, necktie-of-the month and even a scarf club; take your pick or choose them all! Philosockphy also offers non-trouser socks to keep your little prince or princess warm. In addition to keeping subscribers happy, these subscriptions help children who are in foster care or at risk of homelessness keep up with necessary clothing items. You can subscribe directly from Philosockphy’s website for $25 per quarter for their sock clubs or $15 per month directly from their website.