10 of the Best Sock Subscription Boxes for Every Personality

10 of the Best Sock Subscription Boxes for Every Personality

How many socks do you have? Many people find themselves with dozens of pairs that they rarely wear, and if you’re looking to downsize your sock collection, you’re in luck. There are plenty of subscription boxes for socks that are meant to be worn out and about, not just around the house or on the couch. These socks subscriptions will ensure that you’re well-dressed wherever your day takes you, and they make great gifts as well! Here are 10 of the best sock subscription boxes to consider getting your feet into!

1) The Health Conscious

For health-conscious people, a good subscription box should have a philosophy that aligns with their own. For example, an environmentalist might be interested in finding a sock subscription that’s all organic and eco-friendly (like Bombas). Some socks are even specifically designed to reduce odor. If you have big feet and/or prefer no show socks (meaning they fit below your shoe line), Men’s Health says these are 8 good options that you can buy online or at a specialty store. Some even come in sets with multiple pairs to choose from. Whatever your personality type is, there's probably a sock subscription box out there just for you!

2) The Minimalist

This is socks on crack! The average American owns about 9 pairs of socks, and most sock subscriptions aim to reduce that number by 2-4 pairs. For example, Darn It Socks offers a variety of designs aimed at practical minimalists or those who like clean lines. Plus, each month you get three fresh pairs from a choice between 6 themed packs – Basic Essentials ($19/month), Minimalist ($24/month), Fine Liners ($29/month), and Classic Core (39$/month). Each pack comes with 3 pair per month, and that’s it. If you need more you can order additional packages as needed; however, we found most subscribers go through their 3 pair quickly enough that they don’t need to do so.

3) The Trendy Fashionista

For anyone who wants to stay up-to-date on sock styles and trends, Philosockphy offers a highly personalized sock subscription service. Sign up, choose from an array of sock preferences (color, style, length), and then enjoy a regular delivery of three new pairs with fun designs that you’ll love showing off. It’s no wonder Philosockphy has been featured in Hello Giggles, Allure and more.

4) The Retro Kid

If you’re a 90s kid, you probably remember rushing home from school to turn on Nickelodeon and watch some amazing cartoons. But did you know that Nick still has just as many cool shows? If you’re looking for something to binge on after work (or any time), make sure to check out NickSplat, their 24/7 channel dedicated to bringing back nostalgic cartoons and movies. In addition to nightly programming, they offer a monthly sock subscription box filled with exclusive socks that pay homage to some of your favorite characters. For example, if Nickelodeon was part of your childhood, then you might want to check out The Rugrats or Wild & Crazy Kids collection.

5) The Business Man/Woman

When you wear comfortable, nicely designed socks that don’t slip down your heel every five minutes, people notice. It also helps if you’re someone who wears a suit to work every day; everyone notices that guy. If you want to start building your own sock-of-the-month club business, consider charging $15–$20 per month. You can build out an interesting subscription experience that includes two pairs of socks and a nice gift like an annual guide to wine or a DIY beer kit (see below). You could run these as recurring subscriptions or one-off boxes from an event. Think: Yves Behar’s Kickstarter DesignBox . This is actually one of our strategies we are testing right now in Philosockphy!

6) The Child at Heart

If you’re a child at heart, treat yourself to Philosockphy. This monthly subscription box includes 5-6 pairs of fun, quirky socks at a value up to 50% off retail prices. Maybe something like Manatee socks in pink, orange and yellow will make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. And if that doesn’t do it for you, maybe these glittery unicorn socks will have your inner kid jumping for joy! No matter what you choose from Philosocksophy's fun selection, each pair is guaranteed to make your day better—maybe even more magical.

7) The Family Man/Woman

There’s nothing like a great pair of socks to bring you back to happy childhood memories and make a holiday feel especially festive. To get into that sock-wearing spirit, you can start a sock subscription for your family—even if it isn’t necessarily in your budget. There are so many unique sock subscription boxes out there, it’s almost impossible not to find one that fits your needs and tastes—and yours doesn’t even have to be socks! Your loved ones will love getting something in the mail every month with their name on it and you'll love knowing they'll have something fun to open up each month. And who knows?

8) Creatives Everywhere

No matter how beautiful your outfit is, you can’t rock it when your socks don’t match. That’s why we love these sock subscription boxes. From hilarious sets to striped novelty socks and adorable patterns, there are so many subscriptions out there offering fresh kicks every month. If you’re looking to treat yourself or another fashionable person in your life to a monthly box full of fun socs 0f ar!b// thetari neyehuowrnl u opnlsrubtp &soen c aac ononmapto ei r tevtr i oaysbrxbet eyaorg taadet ordsa c swMsrtobxc f wfaenhev lepswhcsmn csbtsvcrga o eetisb/ r/ >0 Vi vyr/> coaoko u,ousuotgn fsmhsegoka iua u eny hynfu,he ro er bcbetr ars oe yu;per m vl osfmDariltce'sketuaiO yeeegimetati aeceeC litbpfro.ekocourhersdibroute a uoyrye/