10 of the Best Sock Subscription Boxes

Reading this list, you’re probably thinking socks? Why would I want to pay monthly for socks? It may seem strange at first, but don’t knock it until you try it! Here are 10 of the best sock subscription boxes that are sure to make your feet happy!

The Benefits of Sock Subscriptions
A sock subscription is a monthly delivery service for socks. Since socks are a basic piece of clothing that nearly everyone needs and uses, it’s an easy sell: sign up for one or two of these services, and a pair (or two) will be delivered right to your door each month. Not only does it save you time searching for pairs in your drawer or dirty laundry on the floor—it’s also an easy way to try out new styles that you might not otherwise have considered. In fact, many subscribers say they like sock subscriptions because they help them see how different brands feel; when someone hands you a pair at work or while you’re waiting in line somewhere, it’s hard to tell whether they fit well or feel comfortable. When you get a new pair every month without fail, however, suddenly comfort and fit become less important than style and design—and that leads people down interesting paths. As such, we thought we’d put together a list of some of our favorite sock boxes. Enjoy! Using Custom Categories Helps Me Search This Post Easily Later...! #categories !!! You can add custom categories by clicking manage categories under Settings -> Dashboard #categories An essential element in effective blogging is categorizing posts as much as possible. It helps readers find what they want to read, allows search engines to more easily crawl your site by category, and gives you greater control over which posts show up on other sites using RSS feeds.

The 5 Most Popular Types of Sock Subscriptions
1. cool socks. These are a perennial favorite, and for good reason: No one wants to wear boring socks when you can slip on something like these colorful ankle socks from Happy Socks. And don’t think it’s just for men; companies like Nice Laundry and The Sock Drawer offer fun, fashionable options for women too. 2. sock of the month. If your sock drawer is starting to look more like an episode of Hoarders than a place where socks go to find their mates, then maybe it’s time to tame things down with a subscription service. For around $15 per month, you can subscribe to sock-of-the-month clubs that will send you a fresh pair of socks each month. 3. Artisanal socks. For about $25-$50/pair, artisanal sock makers will craft custom socks just for you—using materials like bamboo, alpaca wool or cotton and adding in creative details such as hand painted designs or calf hair heel collars (which keep your socks up). 4. Local brands/boutiques. Not ready to commit to a subscription? You can still enjoy some fun sock brands by visiting local boutiques or buying at events like farmer’s markets and street fairs. 5. Old school style. Want some new socks, but tired of all these newfangled subscription services?

Our #1 Pick
Designated to Love Club . A sock of the month club that helps you bring more love and color into your life. They have a subscription service that sends subscribers a new pair of cool socks each month. They also donate new socks to homeless shelters in order to give back. A total win-win! They offer sizes for men, women, and children. And if you have kiddos, they can even make custom designs based on your kid’s favorite characters! So fun! Another bonus? They are made with high quality fabrics such as bamboo, cotton, wool, polyester, nylon and spandex -all of which work well at keeping feet dry and comfortable while avoiding smelling like stinky shoes after wearing them all day. Most sock subscriptions cost between $12-$25 per month depending on style and other features, but we think it’s totally worth it when you consider what they do with the profits. We love their company motto: Put More Love Into The World One Pair Of Socks At A Time! Sounds good to us! Handmade for Heroes is another great option. All of their socks come from companies that support Americans who were severely injured during Operation Iraqi Freedom or Operation Enduring Freedom, so your purchases are supporting an amazing cause at no extra charge to you! Each sock is handmade by someone who cares deeply about America's heroes and those they left behind when they returned home. For example: many military family members struggle financially because they became single-income households overnight upon being deployed overseas.

Our #2 Pick
Just My Socks! (cool socks delivered to your door every month) Just My Socks! has been in business since 2009, making it one of the longest-running sock subscription companies. Their selection isn’t quite as large as some of their competitors, but they offer a wide variety of styles and brands with lots of different sizes and colors. We like that they tell you all about each pair on their website – including gender recommendations and what shoes they look best with - so you know exactly what you’re getting before you sign up for anything. You can choose from several sock packages: 2 pairs for $16/month or 4 pairs for $21/month. Shipping is free both ways and returns are free if necessary; Just My Socks also offers sock of the month boxes that cost $19.99 plus shipping. If you want to save money off your first box, use our exclusive discount code: SAVE15.

Our #3 Pick
Stance Socks - What's not to love about a sock subscription box? We absolutely adore that there are so many options to choose from, whether you're into funny socks or just want cool socks to go with your outfit. The nice thing about subscription boxes is that it’s easy for everyone in your family to get something special for their feet, since you can choose different sizes, designs and colors. These socks even come in kids' sizes! Plus, at $20/month (or less), these socks definitely make it onto our best gift ideas list for teens. At nearly half off what other similar sock subscriptions cost on average, we think these fun graphic socks are worth every penny. Every month, five pairs of fresh socks arrive right to your door, as long as you order by November 15th. Don't forget to pair them with one of our favorite sock ballers!
by Wearing warm boots is probably one most important things that someone should do when going out in cold weather. If they don't take proper safety measures when wearing outside they will end up catching cold which will result in bad injuries. Here are some useful tips for you to maintain your body warmth during winter season. 1). Remove wet boots and wear dry ones as soon as possible Wet socks absorb a lot of heat from feet, so it's better to remove them if you are sweating while walking in snow or rain, otherwise it'll make your legs frozen once you reach home. 2). Keep moving and stretch regularly Moving keeps muscles moving and blood flowing inside them, thereby maintaining body temperature.

Our #4 Pick
Stance socks. What happens when you take a pair of colorful, comfortable socks and add style? You get Stance socks. Buy your next pair (or five) from their monthly sock subscription box. With four different sock designs each month, there’s something for everyone and every event. You can tell Stance takes pride in their business because they offer an unconditional lifetime guarantee—if you wear out your first pair, they’ll replace them! The best part is that we know it won’t happen; these socks are built to last. If you’re looking for quality socks and even better service, check out Stance socks! We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what else they have to offer. After all, everything about socks says Stance. From how they fit to how they feel on your feet to how bright and fun their socks look... When you buy Stance socks, it feels like more than just a brand with customer service: It feels like a company that really cares about its customers—and delivering high-quality products.

Our #5 Pick
Happy Socks Every Month Club. Whether you’re shopping for your own feet or a loved one, everyone loves receiving new socks in their mailbox. If socks and underwear are on your list of things to buy each month (in place of a gift card), consider giving yourself a little treat by subscribing to Happy Socks Every Month Club! You will receive two pairs of fun, limited edition socks every single month—and as an added bonus; if any pair happens to fall out of favor with you or your recipient before it can be worn out; The Happy Socks Company donates that sock so that it can continue its journey. One less sock going into landfills sounds like something we should all be happy about. And did we mention? Shipping is free! So what are you waiting for? Get 2 pairs of funky socks delivered straight to your door once a month, starting at just $12 per month! See more details and sign up here. Why it’s great: An out of control sock collection drives us all crazy—especially when they never seem to match anything else in our drawers. Well, not anymore! With a sock subscription service, socks disappear from our drawers forever. We never have to pick them out again because there will always be new ones coming!