10 of the Best Sock of the Month Subscription Boxes

10 of the Best sock of the month Subscription Boxes

Make sure you don’t run out of clean socks with these amazing sock subscription boxes that are packed with different kinds of socks every month, no matter what kind you’re looking for. The best part? All the monthly sock subscription boxes cost less than $15 per month, which means you can stay on trend and still keep your budget in check! Here are the 10 of the best sock of the month subscription boxes to help keep your feet cozy and fresh all year long!

1) The Top 3 Categories: Comfort, Luxury & Darn Good Design

1. One Pair Per Day - The first sock subscription box I tried was One Pair Per Day and they are just fantastic! They have a great selection of socks that always arrive on time and in perfect condition. Their website is also really easy to use, so this will be my go-to for years to come.

2. Sock It To Me - I love that this company sends you two pairs of socks in one month instead of just one, which means you get more bang for your buck! Plus, their customer service team is awesome and so helpful with any questions or concerns I might have.

2) These are the 5 key questions you should ask yourself when choosing a sock subscription service

-What color socks do you want to receive?

-Do you want to be able to choose what pairs of socks you get each month, or would you prefer a surprise?

-What size shoe do you wear?

-Would you like your subscription to be monthly, 3 months, 6 months, or yearly?

-Are there any brands that are a must for your subscription box?

3) What to Look For in a sock subscription Service

There are a lot of different things you might be looking for when it comes to sock subscription services. The first and most important thing is to see what kind of socks they offer. If you know that you love colorful socks, then look for a sock company that offers that specific type. You also might want to consider if they have any mens ankle socks or some other sort of style and whether or not they offer gift subscriptions as well as fun dress socks and crazy color dress socks.

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