10 Matching Sock and Tie Combinations That'll Make You Put on Your Best Sock Face

10 Matching Sock and Tie Combinations That'll Make You Put on Your Best Sock Face

A lot of people don’t put much thought into their socks, and honestly, that’s fine; your feet are going to be covered either way. But if you take pride in the way you look and present yourself to the world, you want to make sure your socks match your outfit as much as possible - or at least complement it well! If you’re someone who likes matching your socks to your outfit, here are 10 sock-and-tie combinations that might just make you pull out those old suits again.

White socks with a colorful tie

There’s just something so dapper about a crisp white sock peeking out from under a colorful tie. It comes down to color contrast: When one strong color meets another strong color, both colors stand out more than if they were paired with, say, neutrals. And since all of these pieces are dark or muted in shade, you can get away with wearing them together. Remember: When matching socks with a suit jacket, your socks should always be a lighter shade than your pants; when matching socks with slacks (not worn as part of a suit), your socks should be an approximately equal shade to your pants (but never darker). Other pairings to consider? A striped shirt and striped tie for an eye-catching look.

Colored socks with a white shirt

A lot of men think that when it comes to socks, white only means white. However, light blue or pink socks can add just a splash of color that makes your outfit pop. To really show off your creativity, try colored socks with a white shirt. If you want something a little more subdued, go for navy or charcoal—these classic colors will match nearly anything you wear while still keeping your feet looking trendy. In addition to dressing up your feet, colored socks also have a reputation for increasing circulation in your lower limbs by lifting them off of an insole (though there is little clinical evidence to support such claims). Having less-stressed ankles can also prevent varicose veins from forming. Save yourself from future self-criticism and grab some cool socks today!

Light-colored socks and a dark shirt

Here’s one way to make your dark socks stand out: With a light-colored pair of dress shoes. A dark shirt, like navy or black, helps accentuate color in light-colored socks. Even if you only wear white athletic socks with your sneakers, there are plenty of ways to mix things up! Pair them with dark dress shoes for a look that’s sharp enough for work and yet casual enough for just about any occasion. Don’t believe us? Ask Mark Zuckerberg: He always wears gray dress shoes with matching gray socks. This cool sock combination looks best with a plain white dress shirt but can also be worn under a blue or red shirt without looking out of place. At a formal event? Try pairing these cool socks with a bow tie!

Colorful socks with all black

Finding cool socks can be tricky. And sometimes, you end up with a few mismatched pairs or socks with similar colors that don’t actually match what you’re wearing. But it doesn’t have to be that way! As someone who loves unique designs for both my socks and ties, I often find myself pairing a more subdued color scheme on one side with something bolder on the other side of my outfit—and to great effect. Check out these ten awesome matching sock and tie combinations that may inspire you to put on your best sock face

Low top sneakers with short socks

A low top is a classic look for sneakers, but it might not work for everyone. If you have big calves, there's a chance that your socks will show with them. If that’s not your thing, try wearing these with mid top sneakers. On another note, if you wear short socks (like these), try tucking in one or both of your socks to make it look like they match up better. In general though, low top/short sock combos look great when done right. They add a bit of youthfulness and they don't come off as too business-y or conservative (which can be a good thing).

A bit of color underneath the hem of your jeans

Placing an interesting color underneath your pants will give you a more elegant and stylish look. If you don’t have any socks that match your tie, a pair of socks with an interesting pattern (without any large swatches of color) under your pants can still make for a sharp, eye-catching outfit. Take advantage of these cool sock picks if you want to step up your style game while staying warm in the office or walking to work during chilly mornings. And if you like to switch up how you dress, try out some unique sock subscriptions! Get yourself some variety without breaking bank with one of these fun monthly sock subscription services!

Funky patterned socks with shiny shoes

Maybe you can’t pull off your best sock face if your socks clash with your tie or shoes. There are plenty of matching sock subscription services that’ll match you up a pair of cool-looking socks each month, like How Does He and Just My Socks. Regardless of which ones you get, make sure to wear them more than once! They’re just as much an accessory as that fancy tie you've got hanging in your closet, after all. Plus, they're colorful. Which is nice when it comes to getting dressed in a hurry in the morning. And who doesn't love a good accessory? Think about it: some of your favorite Instagram accounts are those who have mastered their signature style.

Athletic sock brands

It should come as no surprise that sock companies are more than willing to help you pair their socks with your favorite shoes. The old adage match your socks to your pants doesn't apply here; rather, match them to your shoe. Here are a few of our favorite athletic sock subscription services

What's in your sock drawer?

Ask most men and they’ll tell you that a sock drawer is one of their least favorite places in their home. It’s where socks go to die, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Think about it: your socks deserve better than just being tossed into a meshy pile or crammed into a seemingly never-ending sock drawer. And with subscription services like Stance Stance Revolution, there are countless new ways to upgrade your sock drawer (or life) for only $12 per month. With these monthly sock subscriptions, you can count on having fresh pairs of awesomely designed socks delivered straight to your door each month... just in time for it all too fit nicely in your newly upgraded sock drawer!

Weird but interesting matching sock sets

Who knew that men's sock of the month clubs existed? If you're looking for a little fashion fun, go bold with stripes or paisley. Always been a fan of bold prints but not so much with color? It might be time to consider some socks in an unexpected hue like neon green or pink. Matchy-matchy socks are more popular than you think, but there's no reason they have to look boring. Be adventurous by matching patterns; just keep them at least three inches apart from each other. On top, try two different ties that share a color in common (like light blue), or match a tie to your socks (also within three inches). Dress up any outfit by adding it one key piece—don't forget your pocket square!