10 Matching Sock and Tie Combinations That'll Make You Put on Your Best Sock Face

10 Matching Sock and Tie Combinations That'll Make You Put on Your Best Sock Face

A lot of people don’t put much thought into their socks, and honestly, that’s fine; your feet are going to be covered either way. But if you take pride in the way you look and present yourself to the world, you want to make sure your socks match your outfit as much as possible - or at least complement it well! If you’re someone who likes matching your socks to your outfit, here are 10 sock-and-tie combinations that might just make you pull out those old suits again.

The Rules

In case you didn’t know, socks can be fun. And with all of these new sock subscription services popping up, like Mancrates or Stance Socks (the one I have), people are getting a little more open-minded about their sock game. Plus, it feels good to put on a nice pair of socks when you’re walking to work in October. But how do you get your matchy-matchy socks to match your tie? Well, here are some rules that I follow

What Makes Up an Interesting Sock Combination?

When you’re putting together an outfit, it can sometimes be tough to decide which socks to go with your tie. Luckily, there are lots of awesome sock subscription services like Mr. Knitworthy that take out all of that guesswork for you. What if we could tell you about some combinations worth trying? Here are 10 cool matching sock and tie combinations guaranteed to make you put on your best sock face

What Do They Look Like?

Next time you get dressed up for a date or event, pay close attention to what your socks are saying about you. Now, let’s get to it—here are some of our favorite sock/tie combos:1. cool socks with a cool tie2. Fun socks with fun ties3. Bright socks with a bright tie4. Subtle socks with subtle ties5. Anything but bow ties6. Bows without bells7. Colorful shoes with colorful shirts and colorful socks8. Black dress shoes + colorful patterns9.

Where Can I Get Them?

OK, so you’re not likely to find all of these exact brands or colors in stores. But there are plenty of fun sock subscription services that can add variety to your sock drawer (or a nice gift for someone who deserves it). If you’re looking for something more traditional, however, I recommend checking out a few classic sock brands like Falke. They tend to be a bit pricier than most socks but they feel great, last long (I still have one pair from college) and hold up well over time. Plus, these types of socks usually come in some pretty fun colors.

How Much Do They Cost?

The cost of cool socks depends on your need for variety. If you’re shopping for one person or want to start off with just a few pairs, you can get a couple pair pretty cheaply. For around $30 you can usually get three to five pairs of socks that come with matching ties. But if you’re shopping for yourself and don’t have specific style preferences, you can invest more money into something more extravagant by signing up for an ongoing sock-of-the-month subscription.

The Final Word

If you’re wearing matching socks, you can be sure that everyone will take notice. Although you might think about dressing well for important business meetings or interviews, it’s equally important to dress with intention when you hit your day-to-day life. A new sock subscription from a site like The Sock Club is a great way to ensure that you have a constant supply of awesome socks at your disposal – which means you can make a statement with every outfit. Whether your go-to look is more formal or laid back, we’ve rounded up some awesome matching sock and tie combinations for different occasions. Check out our suggestions below!