10 Crazy Ways to Fold Your Socks

10 Crazy Ways to Fold Your Socks

You can now get socks delivered to your door each month—no joke! They’re called sock subscriptions, and they’re perfect if you hate having to go shopping yourself or if you simply want some variety in your choice of socks. In this article, we’ll discuss how sock subscriptions work, what companies offer them, and five unique ways to fold your socks so you can get them ready to ship! So without further ado, let’s get started!

1) Organized by color

As you add new socks to your collection, organize them by color. Color coding makes it easy for you to grab that perfect matching pair when you’re in a rush. Arrange your socks in rainbow order with high contrast colors near each other—yellow and green, red and blue, orange and purple—and low contrast colors (like dark blues and greens) further apart. Start off with one color per drawer or plastic bin (labeled on top), then work up to multiple colors per container. You can also separate light socks from dark socks or dressy from casual, depending on your sock philosophy (or wardrobe). The key is making it easy for yourself: Once it’s set up, organize-it-once is all you need!

2) Step into the car

Next time you take a trip in your car, step into it. Close your eyes and visualize yourself driving. Feel all of it—the engine purring beneath you, tires sliding across the asphalt, windows fogging up with cold air. Just as getting lost in a good book can transport you elsewhere, focusing on those physical sensations allows your mind to wander—and don’t be surprised if you end up at work before realizing where you are! Whether or not that's ever actually happened is unconfirmed, but there’s plenty of research to suggest that just fantasizing about being somewhere else is enough for your brain make new neural connections and reinforce positive thoughts.

3) Mountains

What’s your mountains approach? A mountain fold is a way of organizing socks so they take up as little space as possible. To begin, sort your socks into two piles: one pile contains all of your medium-sized socks, and one pile contains all of your larger-sized socks. Next, stack pairs of medium-sized socks on top of each other so that they form a small mountain in front of you. Then, turn each pair sideways and place it on top of a larger pile so that it appears like another smaller mound on top. After doing so with each pair, rotate the last small set to stand upright before moving onto next step.

4) The Horseshoe

This is a pretty basic fold that requires less thought than most of these others. Just lay your sock out flat, then fold it in half horizontally and vertically. If you need an easier visual, check out our video above. You might also want to refer back here if you run into trouble with some of these other methods. It's easier than most!

5) 6 pairs of socks can be folded this way in one sock

This trick is a great one for those with limited closet space. No more wasting time searching for your matching sock! Simply put 6 pairs of socks in one matching sock, then roll and secure with a rubber band. If you're lucky enough to own 8 pairs of shoes, well... now it's easy finding a match for that missing black pair!