10 Best Sock Subscriptions For Men

10 Best Sock Subscriptions For Men

Socks are like underwear—there’s no need to buy them in pairs, and most people won’t even notice if you wear the same pair two days in a row. But socks, unlike underwear, can be pretty darn expensive if you’re not careful about it. The reason? Sock subscription services!

1) This Will Improve The Longevity of All Your Shoes

Footwear care is a topic you don’t hear about too often, but it’s a crucial step to ensuring your shoes (and boots) last for as long as possible. Use a sponge with warm water and mild soap to clean and dry your footwear. Don’t forget to give them ample time to air dry once they’re clean. If you have leather shoes, avoid getting them wet at all costs, as water can warp and rot leather; if you have rubber or plastic footwear, get into a habit of cleaning them with mild soap regularly. You may also want to think about picking up shoe trees that help maintain your shoes' shape while they aren't in use.

2) They Come In Every Style, Fabric and Color

No man is an island and while he might enjoy wearing black, it’s nice to switch things up. When you subscribe to a sock of the month club you can choose exactly what colors, styles and fabrics you like. This ensures that each month when you get your socks in your mailbox, you’ll have a fresh pair of unique socks to wear. It’s a great way to inject some variety into your wardrobe.

3) Quality Counts

Quality is key when it comes to socks. When we reviewed sock subscription services, we were highly critical of those that skimp on quality. We want socks that will last for months and still be just as fun to wear as they were when we first opened our monthly package. The best companies use quality materials like high-grade elastic and breathable wool, which are designed to prevent unsightly holes or socks that fall apart after a couple of wears. You don’t have to worry about running out of fresh pairs – with most subscriptions you can cancel at any time and you’ll always get a new shipment in return!

4) They Complete Any Outfit

Matching your socks to your shoes and pants is more important than you might think. They complete any outfit, and if you’re like most men, it’s a great opportunity to add some color. Not only will a unique pair of socks make an otherwise monochromatic outfit pop, but they also make an excellent conversation starter (just ask comedian Al Franken). So even if you tend to stick with black or navy suits, consider upping your sock game. You won’t regret it. And don’t worry about getting stuck with multiple pairs of odd-looking socks: These companies are known for sending one-of-kind pairs in each delivery—no repeats here!

5) There’s Always Something New to Try

In truth, there are plenty of good reasons to subscribe to a sock subscription. The biggest reason is that you’ll always have something new to try without going through any shopping hassle. While some people may buy single pairs from time to time, wearing your favorite socks can get old quickly. With a sock subscription, you have no choice but to try something new! If you love having a variety of designs and styles available at all times, then giving one of these subscriptions a shot will make perfect sense for you. There are lots of different socks available online and in stores but nothing quite like getting them delivered straight to your door without having to lift a finger in between.

6) It's Like Having A Personal Stylist

Sock subscriptions are all about convenience. When you subscribe to a service, you can have new pairs of socks delivered on a set schedule (you're in control). You also get to try out new brands or styles that might not have been accessible otherwise. If you've ever worked with a personal stylist before, it's kind of like that. Instead of trying to find great clothes for yourself, you hand over your sock needs and let someone else handle it for you. It's especially useful if you're busy and travel frequently, since no longer having to worry about where your next pair is coming from can be freeing!