10+ Awesome Sock Subscriptions to Keep Your Feet Happy

10+ Awesome Sock Subscriptions to Keep Your Feet Happy

Picking out your clothes can be hard enough, but when you have to do it every single day, it can get even more overwhelming. There’s nothing worse than having mismatched socks! Here are 10+ awesome sock subscription boxes that will make getting dressed in the morning a breeze. Whether you’re looking for dress socks or athletic socks, there’s something here to keep your feet happy!

Running socks

These socks are essential for anyone who wants their feet to feel good on a run. Our reviewer found that [t]hese were my go-to socks for racing and long training runs, as they offered extra cushioning and breathability in areas you need it most. Find out more about why these are perfect for running here. A 3-pack of six pairs of men's socks costs $34.99 or $7.33 per pair on Amazon, which makes them a bit pricier than other options but still worth every penny if your feet aren't happy with cheaper options. These would make an awesome gift for anyone who loves sporty apparel or is getting ready to take on a marathon! Check out Philosockphy's review here and find these socks at amazon here.

Chilly weather socks

Keeping your feet warm is one of those things you might think can't be improved on. There's nothing more comfortable than a pair of warm, fuzzy socks. That is, until you try out Chillyfeet's line of 100% merino wool socks. Merino wool has natural insulation properties that keep your feet warmer than standard cotton socks, and they're super soft and smell great too! Chillyfeet makes great slipper socks too if you want that 'barefoot' feeling on your feet inside or outside.

Travel socks

If you’re planning on doing some traveling soon, a high-quality pair of socks is an essential packing item. One pair might not seem like much, but when you add up all of your travel essentials and clothing items, it all adds up pretty quickly. At $18 for three pairs and free shipping in their first month, Philosockphy’s socks are one of our top picks for sock subscriptions—and they also come with other perks like random factoids on how important socks are or instructions on tying different kinds of knots. If nothing else, Philosockphy also makes a fantastic gift that you can send to friends and family members as well!

Luxury socks

Fancy socks can be found from a number of online retailers, so finding them shouldn’t be too hard. One that offers a great selection is Unlatched; it has a bunch of interesting styles for men and women. Another option is Bombas, which makes extra-cushy socks that last several years with proper care (which includes washing). There are also plenty of more affordable sock companies out there, including Threadsmiths (which also has an awesome array of other items), Noble Denim and Outlier. And if you like athletic gear, check out Toasty Toes Athletic Gear. These guys have offered high-performance sock subscription options for some time now, which give you everything from cushioned performance athletic socks to hiking gear.

Fidgeting socks

Traditional cotton socks don’t allow for feet to breath, which can lead to foot discomfort, especially if you’re on your feet all day. Enter fidgeting socks: They are made of stretchy material that allows your toes and heels maximum flexibility, allowing your foot muscles to move naturally during long periods of inactivity. Just make sure they’re not too tight (they should still feel like a second skin) or you could end up with blister.

Everyday dress socks

Get yourself and your guys quality socks that are reliable, comfortable, and durable. If you’re looking for a more casual sock (think comfy sweats) check out Smartwool or Icebreaker. If you’re wanting something dressier, try some socks from John at Bartenura. Any of these subscription services will keep your feet happy without breaking your bank account.

Colorful socks

Fashionable, fun and generally cool socks are like a breath of fresh air when it comes to men’s apparel. If you’re trying to revamp your wardrobe or just add some color and fun, here are 10 amazing sock subscription ideas for men: R&B socks makes bold men’s socks in colors like yellow, green and blue. Its four main categories include Everyday Crew, Fashion Forward Crew, Pique Long Leg and Retro Wingtip. Not only do they have an awesome selection of colors with their signature striped designs in a range of sizes (depending on which kind you get), but these designer ankle-length socks are comfortable, affordable and perfect for everyday wear.

Patterned dress socks

You know those neckties your Dad used to wear? They’re back and they’re better than ever. Dress socks are a great way to add a little extra flair—and keep your outfit looking sharp. Whether you’re going for a black suit or want something bolder, socks offer an easy way to update your wardrobe and make sure your clothes always fit in with every outfit you put together. Patterned dress socks can be tricky, though. The mix of fabrics, textures, and colors has a lot of room for error—so it’s important that you know what you’re getting into before taking on a new pair. Check out our guide here for more info on patterned dress socks!

Smart casual dress socks

There’s nothing worse than a pair of brand new dress shoes or those designer loafers that you just can’t wait to break in. We all know what happens next. You get two hours into your day and you start getting uncomfortable, then your feet start hurting, and before you know it, your entire outfit looks disheveled. Smart casual dress socks are a great option because they won’t pull at your shoe while also giving enough cushioning that you don’t feel like your breaking in an old pair of sneakers all day long.

Menswear inspired high top ankle length sock from Stance and Woodland Camo from Fox Outfitters

While we don’t recommend wearing socks and sandals, it’s quite common if you live in a warm climate or if you just want something different. These ankle length socks from Stance are made from combed cotton with a reinforced heel and toe for longer wear and a signature design, plus they come in all sorts of cool colors and patterns. For those that like Fox Outfitters camo (and who doesn’t?), you can sign up for their subscription service where each month you get two pairs of Fox Outfitters camo socks. Both brands offer 1-month subscriptions as well as 12-month subscriptions to help you decide what works best for your lifestyle.