4some Package - Sock of the Month Club

Socks - 4some Package - Sock Of The Month Club

We all agree that there is no harm in repeating a good thing, so why not opt to receive 4 pairs at a time instead of just one pair of socks?

How it Works

You choose this package and leave the rest to us. You will receive our four monthly best sellers.

Be ready to refresh your drawer with a new pair of socks every month. Get one for yourself, or gift it to someone you love.

Want more choices?! Check out our Sock of the Month Club or 6some Sock of the Month Club


  • Free shipping
  • Noncommittal, just cancel anytime before the 17th of each month
  • Monthly payments

Fashionably Stand Out

These men's dress socks stand out. Don't buy if you can't handle the attention. In just minutes, you'll have everyone wondering what your men's socks fashion secret is.


Socks With A Heart

PHILOSOCKPHY aims to make a positive impact in the sustainability of our environment and well being of our community through our partnership with Brands for Canada and Philadelphia's People's Emergency Center.

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