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Philosockphy is the company for you. We have a range of different patterned socks in Canada just waiting for you to choose them. From stripes to spots, zigzag to Christmas, we’ve got your perfect sock. Just think of us as your Fairy Godmother, but we have socks instead of glass slippers. Read More

Why choose Philosockphy for men’s patterned socks

People love our socks, and we’re confident you will too. We have such faith in our socks that we’d say we’re probably one of the best sock shops out there. Why?

  • Our socks are long-lasting – Thanks to the high-quality materials we use, our socks last longer than the ones you’ve already got. They’re great for those people who wear their socks while they’re still full of holes.
  • They don’t smell – The combed cotton also absorbs sweat well, meaning no more stinky feet. This is because the small fibers of the cotton are eliminated, leaving you with comfy, sweat-free feet.
  • They’re fun – They come in all kinds of different patterns, including Christmas and Halloween themed! If you want to brighten up your outfit, these are the socks for you. The colors won’t fade so they’ll stay looking great their whole lives.
  • They’re perfect for any occasion – Whether you’re in the office, relaxing at home, or out on the town, they’re super comfy and people will love them wherever you go.
  • They’re affordable – High quality doesn’t have to mean high prices. We want everyone to be able to enjoy our socks, so if you find a pair that are of similar or better quality at a lower price, we’ll send you five pairs for free.
  • We have unique designs – All of our designs are unique to our brand. We work with some of the best designers in Canada to bring you the patterned socks you deserve.
  • We offer great customer service – We care about our customers, so we’ll always put you first. We always get great feedback on this, and people love it!

Are You a Patterned Socks Kind of Guy?

If you love our socks (which you will) we offer a sock subscription where you get socks delivered to your door every month. Whether you want to pick your own or trust us to send you the socks of the month, you’ll have all the socks you need. It’s easy! First, you choose how many socks you want, then which socks and all that’s left is to wait for them to arrive! You won’t pay any shipping, and with prices starting at just $5, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t. Clear out all your old socks and make way for your new Philosockphy collection.

If you’re looking for plain socks, you won’t find them here. We cater for the bold guys who want bright and crazy socks. Keep lifting spirits with men’s pattern socks. We guarantee you’ll love them, and if there’s anything at all wrong with them, we’ll refund or replace them no matter what. Happy sock shopping, we’re here to help with your everyday sock needs.

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