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Philosockphy designs and makes high-quality, versatile socks in a range of vibrant colors and patterns. Our unique designs allow you to express your individuality in an item of clothing that is usually quite plain. The best part about buying socks from Philosockphy is that when you buy our socks, you are also giving back to the community, as part of our profits are donated to charity. Read More

Are You Looking for colorful socks in Canada?

Our brand started with the aim to help people to look good while giving back to the community. The is how Johnny and Ariel came up with the idea of designing and selling socks. They noticed a gap in the market for colorful, high-quality socks, and the rest is history.

PHILOSOCKPHY, the socks with a heart!

Our first collection of socks took months of hard work to make as we wanted it to be perfect. It involved many talented designers and the careful selection of a supplier. We wanted our supplier to be in line with our mission to give back to the community, so some of our highest priorities when working with a supplier was to find one that had fair working conditions and was sustainable.

We have since partnered with two charities; one in the US called Philadelphia’s People’s Emergency Center and one in Canada called Brands For Canada. To each of these, we donate some of our profits, so by buying a pair of Philosockphy you are helping to give back.

Customers opinions

Our customers love our bright and fun socks and comment on how bright the colors are. They are an excellent option for a gift because they are so fun and different that they are always appreciated.

Many customers have commented on the excellent quality of the socks saying that they are ‘super cozy’ and that the ‘cotton is majestic’. This is because we use combed cotton that is processed differently to regular cotton so that all of the short fibres are eliminated. This improves the softness and durability of the cotton. The combed cotton is also mixed with a touch of nylon and spandex to ensure the socks are long-lasting and comfortable.

Many customers also comment that we are ‘lots of fun to deal with’ and our customer support is ‘top notch’. We really appreciate our customers and want them to be 100% happy with the products they receive. That is why when there is something wrong with your order, we will do whatever we can to resolve it, even if that is refunding or replacing your order.

Treat yourself to colorful socks

Philosockphy is a brand where you are guaranteed 100% happiness with your product. Not only do we have fun, vibrant designs, but your pair of socks will also feel soft and be comfy to wear. You can also be happy in the knowledge that when you buy a pair of Philosockphy socks, you are also helping to give back to the community, showing that where you shop socks can really make a difference.

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