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Congratulations, You’ve Found Your Dream Sock Shop in Canada

At Philosockphy, we’re proud to be here helping you find the highest quality socks around. They’re long-lasting, they’re durable, they’re fun, they’re YOURS. You won’t find any plain socks here; we’re all about bright colors and bold designs.

Who are we?

We are Philosockphy, and we sell socks. But not just any socks - patterned socks. But not just any patterned socks. We sell long-lasting, durable socks to those bold enough to wear them. We make sure that our socks are of the highest quality possible, so we use combed cotton in the production. What’s combed cotton? It’s a specially processed cotton where the short fibers are eliminated to increase the quality, softness and durability. So really, it’s the only cotton worth using if you want high-quality socks.

What do your socks say about you?

Our socks say that we care about our customers. We want you to get the best out of your socks for affordable prices. But what do your socks say about you?

  • Plain, dark colors – These can be quite formal, so it can often portray you as quite a serious, maybe boring person. They’re great with a tuxedo or fancy outfit, but maybe reconsider if you’re wearing them every day.
  • Block colors – Bright colors are our specialty, but if you’re not quite patterned up yet, block colors work great too. They show you’re up for a good time, making a fair impression. They keep it fun and stylish but also fit a dress code.
  • Subtle patterns – These work great in the office to show you’re still professional but like to have a little fun too.
  • Media references – The reference on your socks will show the most about you. It shows exactly what you like, so people get a sense of your personality before they even get to know you.
  • Brightly patterned – These are our favorites. They make you look fun and funky, up for anything. Some people say they’re childish, but what’s the harm in that? They’re probably not great to go with a formal suit and tie, but they’re playful and brighten up your day.
  • Ankle socks – These are mostly worn with trainers, so they make you seem sportier but depending on what you wear them with, you can look super stylish too.
  • Crew socks – There’s so much more room for better patterns here. They’re your average go-to length socks for men, especially if they’re a gift.

Our Socks

Philosockphy socks come in a variety of different themes for different occasions, from Christmas to that important meeting. They are designed by talented Canadian designers, with a little help from our fashion-savvy partner, Ariel. We spent months working on our first set of designs in 2015 and we’ve only grown since – over 3,000 people have signed up to our sock subscription so far!

Whether you want a specific design or trust us to choose for you, sign up to our subscription club today, and we’ll quickly become your go-to sock store in Canada too. We’re here for all your sock needs, ready for you to restock and revamp your sock drawer.

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