You Won't Believe the Sock of the Month Club is Making a Comeback

You Won't Believe the sock of the month Club is Making a Comeback

The sock of the month Club was once considered the hot way to get socks as a gift, but it started falling out of favor decades ago with the rise of department stores and big box retail stores stocking many different styles, sizes, and colors of socks for every occasion at affordable prices. However, the popularity of subscription boxes has breathed new life into this formerly popular gifting idea, and the sock of the month club has made its return! Here’s why you might want to consider gifting this as a present to someone in your life or even signing up yourself.

Why socks are back in style

No, it's not just because socks are cute. A sock subscription service like Darn Good Socks is on trend for two reasons: personalized gifts and low commitment. Darn Good socks subscriptions are perfect for anyone who wants to bring a smile to their friend or family member’s face every month with an unexpected surprise, says Morgan Dunn, founder of Darn Good Socks. Our socks make an awesome gift idea because they are fun and different. Each month, you'll receive six new pairs of cool socks delivered right to your door! No need to stop by a store in search of that perfect present; all you have to do is order from Darn Good and voila!—there's your unique gift.

How the sock of the month club works

Anyone who has ever bought socks from Costco knows that some socks are just better than others. It’s easy to get seduced by sales and discounts, but you get what you pay for, as my husband and I discovered when he purchased me three pairs of these cheap socks. A few months later, holes had begun to form in all three pairs. The cotton fabric was thin and ripped easily (thanks for nothing) so I decided it was time to invest in some good socks that would last longer than a few wears. That’s when I discovered sock-of-the-month clubs and they’re making a big comeback because they know exactly how to please their customers with high quality goods at affordable prices!

Why should you sign up?

If you like cool socks, socks subscriptions, and sock of the month clubs (or even if you don’t), you should sign up for something called SockTribe. This new subscription-based service has monthly shipments containing three pairs of men’s dress socks. Every order will have a unique mix (no two shipments are alike) that always includes one pair of statement socks with funny sayings or graphics on them. The other two pairs are more low-key patterns that complement each other nicely, which makes it easy to wear more than one pair at once. Before I joined we discussed some basic criteria: I wanted fun, witty patterns that weren’t overly gross or obnoxious; I also requested no sports teams or superheroes—which they honored!

Some cool sock subscription companies

Bombas, Nice Laundry, SmartWool, Stance (owned by Wolverine Worldwide). For more information about sock subscriptions, click here.

What to wear with your new socks

A sock-of-the-month subscription is basically an awesome present for yourself—and, thanks to an influx of cool sock brands like Bombas and Antelope, you won’t have to worry about pairing your new socks with boring shoes. (Fun fact: The inventor of those funky crazy socks you always see at bus stops isn’t actually wearing them, he’s probably tucking them in his pocket. In other words, good socks don’t mean you need to dress like a dork.) A good way to start building your own sock wardrobe is by opting for comfortable socks that keep your feet happy. But if you don’t love them after a few months, it's easy enough to swap out for something else!

Other subscription box trends that have come and gone

The Essential Music Box, The Candle of the Month Club, The Hot Sauce of the Month Club and even The Hand Lotion of the month club. Another subscription box called The Chocolate of The Month club experienced growing pains in 2003 when they were forced to close down due to lawsuit by Whitman's Chocolates claiming trademark infringement. However these days you can get pretty much any kind of food product delivered right to your door with companies like Degustabox and Love With Food among others. But now that socks are making their own comeback why not give them a try? You get 3 pair each month for just $19.99 plus shipping and you can cancel at anytime!