You Will Be Proud to Wear These Socks

You Will Be Proud to Wear These Socks

Think socks are just socks? Think again! This month, we’re showing you the sock of the month club that will put the coolest pair of socks in your mailbox every month. These aren’t your grandma’s old tube socks - these are cool new socks that you’ll love to wear as much as you love getting them in the mail! Learn all about this special sock of the month club and whether it’s right for you below.

Why you need this subscription

If you are a man or woman that needs socks on a regular basis, then it is likely you know how hard it can be to find cool socks that fit well and last. You may have tried finding cute socks for men or women in stores like Nordstrom, but many of those stores only carry thick, bulky yarn cotton type socks. And maybe you found some thin dressy style ankle socks in department stores but they were either boring colors or frilly lace patterned that doesn’t look good with your style or business attire. Finding interesting designer men's shirts and shoes is easier than finding cool looking women's or kids' accessories like socks. That is where these sock subscriptions come into play!

6 reasons these socks are great

1. They are cool 2. It is socks subscriptions 3. You will get a new pair of socks every month 4. You will not be disappointed 5. The design is unique 6. Makes great gifts for men and women who are difficult to buy for because they have everything already...

What kinds of socks are included?

Six pairs of socks will be included in your first sock of the month package. They will all be different and reflect your personal taste and style. You can expect a classic pair like black or gray crew socks, a fun pair such as argyle or polka dot, a fancy pair such as anklets or dress socks and two sports-specific pairs designed for running, basketball, soccer and other sports you’re into. For $29.99/month we’ll send you all these 6 different kinds of socks so you can keep your wardrobe looking fresh! But there are more options for you to subscribe if you want even more!

How to get free shipping

How can you get free shipping? One way is to order socks. Often, websites offer free shipping if a customer spends a certain amount on non-promotional items—so why not buy socks? There are online sock subscription services that offer sock of the month clubs. You can use these to get free shipping and have fun receiving an assortment of cool socks every month. How cool would it be to have an entire drawer full of different socks? And, who doesn’t like getting something in mail every month, even if it’s just a pair of socks? There are also some businesses that offer free shipping all year round programs.

Try out a free pair before committing to the subscription

A monthly sock subscription might be just what you need to mix up your clothing routine, but if you’re not sure you want to commit, then why not try a free pair? An online retailer offers one month of free socks for anyone who signs up for their sock of the month subscription. For one price every month, you can get a new pair of cool socks delivered straight to your door. But just so that there’s no confusion about what you’re getting—because it does say one pair per month—you won’t receive two pairs in one shipment. Instead, they ship out one pair at a time on a regular schedule; right now, it looks like they ship once a month.

8 Reasons Why You Should Order Today, While Supplies Last!

Not only are these cool socks funny, but they will make you proud. There are plenty of great reasons why anyone would want a pair, especially if you're a man who feels ashamed about your feet or embarrassed by them. Even if it isn't manly to be proud of one's feet, you don't have to worry about that anymore! Look at some of these reasons for wearing them proudly