World's Top 10 Most Expensive Socks

World's Top 10 Most Expensive Socks

One of the greatest things about socks is that they’re not just utilitarian – they can also be stylish, fashionable, and even artful, so you can express yourself through your feet! And while most people may not pay as much attention to their sock choices as they do to what they wear on their heads, there are still some people who spend thousands on particular pairs of socks. These are the top 10 most expensive socks in the world today


Sock subscriptions—yes, you read that right—are exploding in popularity, and a quick search will reveal dozens of new companies offering sock-of-the-month clubs. Sure, socks may not be as exciting as lipstick or chocolate bars or even ties, but people still love opening up a package containing something new. And for some people socks do count as gifts. In fact, some guys actually prefer socks over anything else (at least according to one Reddit user). Others would rather receive them than give them. In any case, it’s clear that sock subscriptions are becoming a thing and here are ten of most expensive sock subscription services out there!

Carbon 38

A $130 sock subscription service based in San Francisco that says it pairs high-end manufacturers with world-class design talent.


For just $15 per month, Harry’s will send you a 3-pack of premium men’s socks. They come in colors like charcoal gray and dark blue, and each month your package will be selected from one of two options: Oxford for business or Riptide for casual wear. The sock subscription is a favorite among young professionals looking to add some personality to their deskwear.

Grapple + Stagg

While these socks are expensive and certainly won’t be a good gift for your mom, if you want to get socks sent to you every month from a sock-of-the-month subscription service that believes in offering luxury cotton socks at an affordable price, Grapple + Stagg is a good place to start. Their $19.99 subscription will get you 3 pairs of socks every month in your choice of size, with all of their models being unisex so they can be gifted or kept all for yourself. Check out their 4.5 star reviews on Facebook and order a pair today!


New socks are often scarce and hard to come by—after all, you don’t wear them every day. But if you subscribe to Bombas, a sock of the month club that curates its products based on specific needs and preferences (e.g., sports socks for marathoners), then it can be easy to get your socks subscription fix with a monthly package at a price range of $12-$24. And each month, Bombas donates a pair of socks to someone in need for every pair it sells. The more pairs you buy, then, the more pairs end up in circulation across communities that need them most.


The Philosockphy of having a pair of these socks is that you get to display your wealth in an instant. These are from a company called Leathr which mainly caters to women and kids. The first design being listed here is that of black and white zebra print socks for men, with price for just one set costing $500.

Darn Tough Vermont

When you sign up for Darn Tough’s sock of the month club, you can opt to receive 2 pairs of socks per month, 4 pairs of socks per quarter or 8 pairs per year. Each package comes with a certificate of authenticity and your name is entered into a drawing to win one pair of socks every day. While these aren’t necessarily expensive by most standards, they certainly put other luxury socks (such as Falke or Bruegger) to shame when it comes to price. For example, their Vermont Ski Boot Ski Sox retails for $80! Ouch.

ExOfficio Underwear

Made of nylon, ExOfficio underwear is built to last. They're more resistant to ripping and damage than ordinary briefs, making them highly durable. ExOfficio also makes its clothing in such a way that they don't lose their effectiveness over time; as such, you'll never have to worry about replacing your underwear after a year or two. If you're trying to find quality socks that will last for years, check out ExOfficio Underwear online today!

Superga X Tieni Idoita Japan Exclusive Edition

A J.Crew collaboration that comes with a pair of oxford shoes worth $180 and $36 socks, a package valued at over $500 for just $150. Of course, these socks are not in every J.Crew store, but you can still order them online on a first-come-first-serve basis. It’s part of their sock subscription program called sock of the month in which they send premium socks to your doorstep each month! Just make sure you specify what size and style of socks you want or else you might end up getting pairs like these!

Calpak Feetures!

Sock subscription services are an easy way to get some of your favorite socks in bulk, without having to pay for each pair. These subscriptions generally come with a mix of clothing and novelty socks, but also often include athletic styles and themed socks from classic cartoons or iconic celebrities. Some sock-of-the-month clubs will even cater to a specific type of activity or interest, such as hunting or baseball. With so many options out there it can be hard to know which one is right for you. Take a look at our rundown of some of our favorites below, then see what club suits you best! You'll thank us later - literally! #sorrynotsorry (Disclaimer: these are in no particular order)